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my shady side

1942 chevy special deluxe

1942 chevy special deluxe

chicano park1-1774And9morehdr.jpg

i’ve shot this car before. it’s really a beautiful car. owner has a long story about the paint color if you ask, but it ends up being some year of honda and some year of nissan greens, with a bit of pearlescent thrown in. really catches the light.

as i listened to him telling the tale of the paint to another random photographer/spectator and myself, the sun hit it just so, and it really was glowing.

unfortunately, i was busy listening, and not set up to take a shot then.

i’d already been by and found it earlier (above), and it just isn’t doing it justice. i mean i like the angle, the sky, the everything…it just isn’t catching the color. maybe the yellow car next to it is reflecting too much, and i’m on the shady side, (he was parked under the overpass but you can’t tell from this angle) but it just isn’t there.

oh well. posting this, and hoping maybe i’ll see it again sometime this summer. there’s always next year at chicano park…

on a streak


  • women who can't walk in high heels. sort of just stomping their feet up and down instead of normal steps. they sound like horses walking across the marble lobby floor. but they look good. 
  • two weeks / three doctors: latest guess is that i have a sinus infection with none of the standard symptoms. still look like i got slapped in the face without the red hand mark.  yet another med to throw at it, and the side effects... oh and the male receptionist looked just like the weeknd...i so wanted to tell him, 🎶 "i can't feel my face when i'm with you..." 🎶
  • dad made his decision for surgery, now just has to schedule it. 
  • one brother in the path of hurricane irma but hoa won't let him shutter windows until last minute--likely to pull a leiutenant dan to get it done; other one thinks it will miss him, so goes diving...logic? 

our neighbor is an ahole

ya, the guy is a jerk. i don't even know him. he's recently taken up playing real heavy bass, butt-thumping music very early in the morning. and it's not even good music, just some techno shit. today is sunday, and he started around eight a.m. he's a middle-age, wanna be college frat boy.

so i'm sitting here with my earphones on, running breaking bad, so as not to hear his stuff. i think he finally shut the stuff off about ten, but everybody else here is still sleeping.


saw several pontiacs at the show the other day. love the hood ornaments. pretty sure i've shot this one elsewhere, if i look through my files.


one little indian boy

1948 pontiac silver streak

here's another beauty from washington state. where do they keep these remarkable cars?

this one was at an intersection, usually had a few people around it, but i managed to wait them out, and quickly got this shot before the next bunch got in the way.

this town has a nice, clean, little main street area, similar to most main streets anywhere. i think if i didn't mention where i was, it could almost be anywhere.