what's up?

field of "dreams"

this stunning pontiac was parked on the baseball field. almost walked past the entrance to the field, since the majority of cars parked toward the front, where you could see them, were the big, loud, overdone newer type cars. i wanna say the guys with the teeny peenies, that need to compensate, but maybe they just really like those types of cars. not my cup of tea.

anyway, saw this on the same field out the corner of my eye. sitting next to an old chevy. that one is nice too. so i hiked across the infield, remembering when my kid played ball, and then it hit me. the sweet stench. a recently "fertilized" field on a hot, hot day. oh, how i felt sorry for these poor bastards, having to hang out on that field all day with their cars.

i suppose you eventually don't notice it, but later, when they get back in the car, what about the "dirt" on the bottom of the shoes? lots of air freshener will be needed.

as i was saying, really nice car. really nice owner. chatted a bit. happy, happy guy. i liked the pinstriping, and of course, the hood ornament.

our neighbor is an ahole

ya, the guy is a jerk. i don't even know him. he's recently taken up playing real heavy bass, butt-thumping music very early in the morning. and it's not even good music, just some techno shit. today is sunday, and he started around eight a.m. he's a middle-age, wanna be college frat boy.

so i'm sitting here with my earphones on, running breaking bad, so as not to hear his stuff. i think he finally shut the stuff off about ten, but everybody else here is still sleeping.


saw several pontiacs at the show the other day. love the hood ornaments. pretty sure i've shot this one elsewhere, if i look through my files.


crackle jack

1950 pontiac hood ornament

all right, another post tonight. up goes a shot with the new lens, no thanks to my insurance company. told them the truth about the old one – a piece that worked the autofocus broke inside it – and it wasn't covered. whereas, i think many people would have purposely dropped it or misplaced it and then reported that damage and would have been paid...but that's another rant that doesn't belong here.

so stuff was going on at the broiler tonight...a photo/video shoot or mini concert in the parking lot. lots of girls dressed in '50s garb and makeup milling about. i assume more cars would show up, but there really wasn't, at least while i was there.

anyway, this old pontiac drives up. i've seen and shot it before elsewhere. while the owner isn't the friendliest dude to run across, and had grumbled at me last time, he never had a problem with it before. not sure why he puts a fugly flyer advertising some other vehicle for sale on his windshield.

anyway, as i set down my tripod in front of it, he came over and asked that i not shoot pictures of the car. some drivel about it showing up all over the internet lately, and please don't. ok, no problemo. he didn't really say it in some intimidating, anal sort of way, as a former posting mentioned. since i haven't posted any of the shots of it i've taken, he can't blame me for any real or imaginary postings of it coming from here. of course, doing a quick image search doesn't turn up his specific car

i did ask him if i could take a shot of the hood ornament, and he said yes. told him i had a new lens to test, though by that point i don't think he could care less. then he returned to the pack of car owners, which also included my everlasting nemesis, richard, so there was some explanation for his cantankerous attitude.

so here it is. wish he'd parked around the corner, so the sun could have hit it and made it glow. i think the lens is a keeper.

don't let the sun go down on me

i knew my evening plans were history tonight, when they asked me at work if i could drive out to brea to do someone else's press check at 3 pm...then it was delayed to 4, then 5, 5:30, 6... killed some time at brea mall, then got my car washed.

sucks, really. no laker game tonight, and fairly warm...guessing there was a better turnout tonight in downey than last week. the show i stopped at yesterday, at fuddrucker's in el toro, i literally, walked around the lot twice, and found absolutely nothing that i had to take a picture of; either i'd already shot it, the hood was up, or i just didn't like it. slim pickens.

1950 pontiac silver streak

anyway, here's a perfectly turned out 1950 pontiac silver streak i found last week in the back lot of the broiler. owners that do hang out back there mostly just ignore me and carry on their conversations with the adoring crowds, one of whom was inquiring about the skirt (is that the right term?) over the back wheels, and where he'd had them done. caught this picture in between the gathering people and also those infamous japanese tourists...arrrgggh.

i'd killed enough time in the front lot, wandered back here just in time to catch the sunset with it. nice.