what's up?

don't let the sun go down on me

i knew my evening plans were history tonight, when they asked me at work if i could drive out to brea to do someone else's press check at 3 pm...then it was delayed to 4, then 5, 5:30, 6... killed some time at brea mall, then got my car washed.

sucks, really. no laker game tonight, and fairly warm...guessing there was a better turnout tonight in downey than last week. the show i stopped at yesterday, at fuddrucker's in el toro, i literally, walked around the lot twice, and found absolutely nothing that i had to take a picture of; either i'd already shot it, the hood was up, or i just didn't like it. slim pickens.

1950 pontiac silver streak

anyway, here's a perfectly turned out 1950 pontiac silver streak i found last week in the back lot of the broiler. owners that do hang out back there mostly just ignore me and carry on their conversations with the adoring crowds, one of whom was inquiring about the skirt (is that the right term?) over the back wheels, and where he'd had them done. caught this picture in between the gathering people and also those infamous japanese tourists...arrrgggh.

i'd killed enough time in the front lot, wandered back here just in time to catch the sunset with it. nice.