what's up?

been gone, and it's late

ever feel like you've been running non-stop for days on end? not sustainable, but i'm not seeing any relief in sight.

planning on getting home tomorrow--been gone since monday. rain will probably ruin any aspirations for a car show or two this weekend.

i'm just gonna post this for now, as i gotta get at least a few hours of sleep, before getting up and doing it all over again.


1962 chevrolet impala

looking at my project for work. i don't want to do it, but i really should. will just hurt less on monday, if i get it out of the way today.

i could still make it to the car show. get my better half to drop me off. think we're going to walk uptown for bfast now, so maybe later...

impala from the new year's show at the dam. sparkly. caught my eye. one of the few low riders i shot that day. just love the details these guys add to the cars—really remarkable artistry. i think maybe this one is right on the cusp of doing too much of a good thing.

way to start the year

back home, but to compromise, i am mostly wearing a face mask. feeling like a strange tourist in this place, in time. so, fun times. better half follows me making darth vader breathing noises. i'm tired, cough mostly at night.

feck it, says i. i walked uptown to get lunch. without the mask. quietly sat and watched an episode of breaking bad on my phone, while munching a slice of pizza. wasn't hungry, but just enjoying the time out. sun was out, sky was overcast, it was cool enough to wear the big, baggy pepperdine sweatshirt my new daughter-in-law bought me for xmas.

and after a cold to start the new year, better half's uncle died yesterday. not unexpected. it was a mercy. i only met him once. nice man. the family is mourning.

saw this car sitting by my friends from the old times car club at the new year's show. waved at them, but didn't go over to chat. probably saved them from catching this cold.

i'm pretty sure i've shot this one before. i like the rough edges, the unfinished feel. that visor is kind of killing it though. probably the bright primer.

light it up

went out to the dam today. probably a bit earlier then needed to — probably there about five-thirty am. parked further away then we've had to before. someone said they wouldn't even open the gate until six-thirty. so, as usual, we got out and took advantage of the cars and bikes just sitting there in the dark.

better half had me shoot using different settings than i usually use, just because it was so dark. i don't think it would have mattered, since there weren't many people around cars i did shoot. not so sure i like them as much. a lot of detail is lost in the dark, but i guess in past years, when i went to evening shows, the results were negligably better.

posting this one, because the owner came over to chat, and because he casually walked over and flicked the lights on for me. pretty cool lighting, contrasting the yellowing street light.

i know i saw the bike cruise by later in the day, but it was far less interesting, and way more a typical harley that i wouldn't have shot otherwise.

i've got more pictures to post for a few people, and more to say, but i'm dead tired now, so i think i'll call it a night.

bow to me, splendidly

so, sitting here doing nothing most of the day. niece and her husband and baby are visiting.

i gave the nine month old a cookie, and she has been staring and smiling at me all evening. no, not giving her another, but she's hoping. not saying she's acting like my son's dog, but he does the same thing...

guess i'll just sit here and consider whether i want to get up and drive out to tustin and santa ana tomorrow for smaller car shows. it's frigging cold outside tonight, and the heater in our room isn't working, so will probably just hide out under the blankets in the morning.

went to dinner with my better half. without fail, at some point when we are out, i'll say something, without particularly thinking about timing, that will almost make his drink fly out his nose, just as he's taking a sip.

twice that happened this evening: don't remember what i said the first time, but the second time, we had just boxed up the leftovers and placed them in the bag. he started to take a drink, at the same time i mentioned that the bag looked like the egg pods from the movie alien...i closed the top and then burst it open, as if the thing was going jump out at suck his face...he stopped himself from drinking just in time.

looking back at old pictures, while looking forward to the new year's day show at the dam again. technically, it's still a holiday weekend, so this be-bowed chevy is still appropriate to post, in all it's cherry candy colored sweetness. almost want to lick it, but not quite.

la sucia

i have a headache. maybe i'm a barometer...its going to rain. took a walk uptown, to grab some lunch. bunch of motorcycles, and the blue and white at the cigar bar. maybe more will show up later, so i'll go for another walk.

liked this fleetline. well, i like fleetlines in general. liked the simple pinstripes. owner moved a hat out of the way in the back window, probably so i could get a clean shot of the plaque. thanks.

pinky swear

we were heading back toward the car and spotted this car across the parking lot, across the street. definitely bright and sparkly enough to stand out.

lots of bling and too much of everything. all the chrome engraved, airbrushing, glitter, pinstriping and pink. pink. pink is for chicks. i'm a chick, but hate pink, and that's just me.

but it was an interesting amalgamation of skills.

close your hood, please, oh please

walked around this one. beautiful, beautiful fleetline. almost just left it sitting there. hood was open, but i just couldn't not shoot one picture of it. so here, i tried to get low enough to not notice the open hood so much. didn't work, not low enough.

my better half, who's there between the cars, talked to the owner earlier. he had asked him to close the hood, but that guy said most people are interested in the engine. nope. 

better half usually asks for the story on the car. unexpectedly, this guy says he bought this one as you see it, from someone who was desparate for the cash to buy his "dream" car, that had suddenly become available. so he got this sweet thing for twelve thousand even. damn.

top down

my better half has been on call to go in to work today. he's been binge watching car restoration shows all day. don't know why. they seem so lame and unrealistic. now there's a barrett-jackson auction on.

who really buys those cars? can find very good ones any day at any local show, that are way better. of course, i have a bias for the classic cars. barrett-jackson sells the pns cars, so there's a given for the type of people buying them. sorry, not impressed.

that has nothing at all to do with this car. saw it on new year's day. my better half was chatting with the owner. i was actually going to skip it, i was on chevy overload already. but since we were already standing there, i went ahead and shot it.

beautiful car. that's all i'm saying.

take a walk

quick post. how many more from this show should i show now? maybe save others for later, as usual? liked the pinstriping and chrome on this hood.

trying a change of attitude this year. at home and at work. gotta de-stress somehow. starting to take some walks again, get away from my desk. cut way back on my favorite caffeinated beverage, drink more water.

better half gave me a big bag of m&ms and other candy for xmas; ex gave me a bag of swedish fish candy. fish are gone; haven't opened the m&ms. ex is just being nice; i suppose my better half has selfish reasons to keep me fat and happy.

i'm tired. and i want a coke.