what's up?

bow to me, splendidly

so, sitting here doing nothing most of the day. niece and her husband and baby are visiting.

i gave the nine month old a cookie, and she has been staring and smiling at me all evening. no, not giving her another, but she's hoping. not saying she's acting like my son's dog, but he does the same thing...

guess i'll just sit here and consider whether i want to get up and drive out to tustin and santa ana tomorrow for smaller car shows. it's frigging cold outside tonight, and the heater in our room isn't working, so will probably just hide out under the blankets in the morning.

went to dinner with my better half. without fail, at some point when we are out, i'll say something, without particularly thinking about timing, that will almost make his drink fly out his nose, just as he's taking a sip.

twice that happened this evening: don't remember what i said the first time, but the second time, we had just boxed up the leftovers and placed them in the bag. he started to take a drink, at the same time i mentioned that the bag looked like the egg pods from the movie alien...i closed the top and then burst it open, as if the thing was going jump out at suck his face...he stopped himself from drinking just in time.

looking back at old pictures, while looking forward to the new year's day show at the dam again. technically, it's still a holiday weekend, so this be-bowed chevy is still appropriate to post, in all it's cherry candy colored sweetness. almost want to lick it, but not quite.