what's up?

end of the road

back to reality. technically, i'm still on vacation until monday. should be a shock to the system, after being out of the office for two weeks. and the other designers will be off, leaving me there to fend for myself...back into the frying pan, as if i'd never left. really hate taking time off, just because it sucks so bad going back.

figured this was a fitting car to post, being as it has the story of a roadtrip, down route sixty-six down both sides. this is really a lot to look at on one car, but very skillfully and playfully done.

if you squint your eyes and see past the paint, the car is really in good condition.

my favorite part is the shark faces painted on the front bullets.

p.s. — merry xmas, or whatever you may or may not celebrate on tomorrow's over commercialized holiday.