what's up?

on my way home

ok, enough alone time. i don't feel rested or recharged. maybe if this last hotel had given me a room with atub, but nooooo.

i have enjoyed the rain, and this "quaint, little danish town" is pretty quiet, compared to shopping at the mall. biggest line is for breakfast, for those looking to eat cock and balls with jerk sauce, or more likely, aebleskivers, which is basically a donut hole with jam.

i've just settled for the "continental" bfast in the lobby here. it's just easier.

guess i'll get out of bed now and throw my shit in the car.gotta go buy a buttload of pastries and cookies for the relatives coming in to visit this weekend. maybe i should just book a hotel in santa barbara or los angeles and hide out til sunday...

nice car. missing my pictures...getting closer to the majestics' new year show at the dam.