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1957 chevy bel air nomad

1957 chevy bel air nomad

decided to break up the monotony that is going on for the time being, flitting back and forth between my parents' and whittier, then a few days at my house moving boxes around, and cleaning carpets.

i'd taken my camera with me on friday morning, so that i could hit a show on the way home in the evening. of the three i could pass by on the way, i decided to go to ruby's in whittier. hadn't been there since last summer.

i do realize it would be lightly attended, compared to the first and last show of the season, but i'd never ever seen it so sparse, though i arrived around five pm. of the two aisles that they had blocked off, there were only a few cars parked within. at least for about an hour. it never really did get full like previous years, but that did allow me some ability to get shots i wouldn't have had there been cars crammed together, and a zillion people in the way.

more of the type of cars that i liked did show up eventually, but at the beginning, i wandered around up near the ruby's building.

saw this chevy over by the raffle table. didn't quite get low enough to hide the car next to it, but it is still ok. decided not to just shoot a typical angle, as these bel airs get a little boring after a while.

looking back

1957 chevy bel air

1957 chevy bel air

my thoughts have bounced around in my head a lot lately, to the point i don't know any one thing i would write about, that might be of any interest to any lurker who may be reading this on a somewhat irregular basis lately.

if you've never met him, my better half might be considered imposing, especially when he has a 'stache and goatee, and his long hair. when he's clean shaven, he just seems more friendly and younger, rather than tuff. he's a big guy, six-five, hovering around three-hundred pounds most of the time.

big enough to stare down the little shits that block sidewalks when his mom used to roll her wheelchair uptown. he would politely 'suggest' that they make way, and when they'd turn their back and stay put, he'd 'make way' for his mom. fucking little posers.

there's a new generation that hang out uptown now, only i think they are wannabe drug lords, making their little drug sales out in the open. i have my own little bitch face that moves them out of my way when i go uptown by myself.

he's mostly a big, friendly bear of a guy. i really don't know why he picked me, but i'm happy he did, and that's all i'll say about that. no need to get mushy here, and i really am not that gushy kind of girl.

there is one car club guy, i'd like to sic him on, but i'd prefer to keep my better half with me, than to visit him behind bars, so there's that.

better half has tossed a more than a dozen memories at me, to write about. we laugh about each recollection, giggle at the details of what people said or did, and how we ended up where we are today. then i say i've already referenced most of these stories at some point, and how a lot of stuff is inside jokes, or too gross.

i haven't been anywhere lately, except work, my parents' house, and picking up mail at my house. boring, but i gots things on my mind.

i could bitch about stuff i see on the freeway every day, but there hasn't been too much going on with the holidays, and i assume people home with the flu. traffic has been really light in the evening, so the few drives to whittier i've done the past couple of weeks have only been about an hour.

i'm hoping to get up in the morning and head to pomona for the swap meet. was thinking, it's january, it will be cool outside, everything will be great. summer is hell out there, and i usually can't / don't stay that long in the sun there.

it was fuckin' eight-five degrees outside this afternoon. it's going to still be in the eighties tomorrow. so it will be a short day as usual, in spite of being the middle of winter. really is no winter in cali, so what am i thinking?

one of these times, i'll have to actually walk the aisles of parts and stuff for sale, but i never seem to be able to tear myself away from the cars themselves. maybe next month it will be cold again. next week it will be sixty again.

so, long-windedly, i have no stories to blather on about, or that anyone might care to hear anyway. not feeling very enchanting at the moment, though my better half seems to still be stuck under my spell. who knows why?

here's a lovely back-end of a fifty-seven bel aire. it's all about the fins on these cars. the fronts are pretty generic and boring.

cinco de mayo

1957, chevy bel air wagon

the annual season opening cruise night at ruby's in whittier fell on cinco de mayo this year.

first and last shows here are usually overflowing with goodness on wheels. being that it was a 'holiday' or excuse for a lot of people to get more drunk than usual on a friday night, it did not get as busy as i would have wished.

being that our family member was still in the hospital in the middle of los angeles at the time, i chose not to endure that traffic, and spent the day at home alone, cleaning, working, and running laundry in anticipation of the patient's return.

end of the day, decided to get out of the house, and headed over. i didn't really hit this show that much last year, and figured it would get a few cars i'd like to shoot, in spite of the party day.

i took some pictures, chatted with a few people i hadn't seen in forever (hey dave), and shook the cobwebs from my head.

got home, downloaded the pics, and promptly forgot about them for a couple of weeks. figured i should post one, for the hell of it at this late date.

i mostly have gotten over fifty-seven chevys, as they are quite numerous, but i still love to shoot the fins. didn't do it this time, since i was trying to get the building sign in the shot. that, and the speaker there was a bit loud on the eardrums to stand there for very long.

it was slightly hot out that evening, i started having a hot flash, and my head got swimmy, so i packed it up after about an hour and a half.

didn't make it

1957 cadillac

thought about going to a show today. really i did. went so far as to get my cameras out, format cards, and clean the sensors.

was literally ready to walk out the back door, when the front doorbell rang. better half's nephew, wife, and year old kid had arrived from northern california. so, nixed that plan. it was already after one anyway, and hot.

i think they plan on going to disneyland tomorrow, so maybe i can get out to the show at legg lake for a while in the morning.

better half took himself to the doctor this morning. they gave him some kind of antibiotic, so he sick for reals. he still managed to walk uptown for breakfast when he got back. ran into a couple of people asking if i was going to the show today, but he had to tell them he had no idea, since i hadn't mentioned anything to him.


saw this beauty at the sultans' show earlier this month. love those bullet tail lights, though from what i've read, didn't show up until nineteen fifty-nine models.

somewhere near the raynbow

1957 chevrolet bel air

got up slightly early, and drove up to the viejitos show. wanted to beat the heat of the day, knowing this one is on pavement. at one point, some clouds blocked the sun, which gave some relief for about half an hour.

i am noticing that shows that used to be packed, even this early, and are more slow to fill lately. great for uncrowded photography, but the real bulk of cars start showing up about the time i have to pack it up and go, either because its too hot or because i need to find breakfast or i'll faint.

guessing there are more parties going on these summer nights before the shows, and people are busy dealing with the aftermath. or they don't care about parking with their groups, since they figure one member can just save spaces for the whole club. not fair to that one guy, or anyone else who understand roll-in time.

there were plenty of cars here early, the club members themselves have awesome cars, so i could have just spent three hours with them and be happy.

found this one in the back parking area, where the bicycle guys were setting up. nice car, interesting little mural on the garage doors, and no people in the way. so yay.

then back out to the main lot, where i noticed the viejitos' president, raynbow, riding around on a bike, directing cars and people. just not something i'm used to seeing him do everyday. most shows he's sitting under a tent.

i think it's a good, sharp picture of him, if only i had caught him looking my way, but then again, i am already too shy about taking shots of people, i snuck this shot in from a row away.


sky is the limit

1957 ford fairlane

looking forward to a weekend in san diego, and the chicano park car show. still a week and a half away...can't get here soon enough.

it's been a tough few weeks at work, with one of the other designers off on a three week vacation. i was stressed out yesterday, with all the deadlines piling up, and just trying to prioritize which were real and which could slip a bit. just got a bit paralyzed for a bit while deciding. boss came by just as a rush request came in by email, and let's just say for someone who is typically very quiet, i might have had a small cow, man.

he checked on me again in the afternoon, and asked if i needed to go home and basically chill. thoughts of getting a punching bag in the office crossed my mind, or one of those inflatable clowns that really only last for one swift kick before they pop, with the sandbag flying. that' a good sign it's time to plan my own vacation.

maybe tomorrow my better half and i can just pull a destination out of a hat, since both of us, are overworked, and anywhere together would be good.

someone commented on my flickr site that it was about time i posted something besides a chevy. but how could i not? this ford, with this sky, just had to shoot it. but really, i shoot more than just chevys; what gets posted is whatever appeals to me on any particular day.

if someone tells me story about a car, i'll retell it in a post, usually not as well as i was told. my memory eludes me, if i don't take notes or post it that night. or if they ask to see a picture of their car, i highlight it in my files, and try to get one up fairly soon.

and the rest of them, that i post, are just for me, because they make me happy, and they make my better half go, "dam...why didn't i see that one?"

chevy baby

1957 chevrolet bel air

another week of being away. things got busy, my daughter was still in town. generally exhausted by week end.

i've been away, and unable to post more pics from last week, and i'm already looking forward to tomorrow's show in south gate. should we say, i'm gathering my nuts for a rainy day. they still say rain is coming before summer comes slamming back, with it's wall of heat.

pretty sure i've seen this one somewhere else, though i can't quite pinpoint it in my memory just now.

it was just sitting there, with some space around it at this point in the show, so i took a few shots. 

even went back later to shoot the back end. something about it just isn't the right angle to make me happy, but i told the owner i'd post something. the shots are ok, i just know there is a better angle or something, and i know i didn't get it. maybe next time.


saw this car between the buildings at the super cruise this past february. it's sort of a POS, but wonderfully full of character. the texture in the morning light is fun. just had to do extreme angles, to keep the cars parked right up next to it out of the picture. hate when they're clumped so close together.

rain is supposed to stay away until drive time monday. great. there are like, four car shows tomorrow, that i'd be perfectly happy going to any one of them. either i pick one, and spend most of the time there, or flit from show to show...the weather is too perfect to not be able to stay out all day. not too hot, not too cold.

i'll end up at my mom's for the night, working my way south. my kid is in town, so i should see if she's there or out with her friends.

work can wait til monday. so much work. i gotta get my request in for vacation time, for time off to go to some more distant car shows too. i want to travel more, got the bug again. any recommendations?


it is supposed to rain all week, so in anticipation, i'll be staying at my mom's or over with the newleyweds. both, with no access to my pictures, so i'll just work through some that i have saved up for rainy days here.

we were parked a few cars back from this truck, at five-thirty in the morning. was so dark, and the light so yellow, that i couldn't tell if it was silver/grey or green. i took a picture of it under the street light, while my better half chatted up the owner. i told him i'd have to get a shot of it later, after the sun came up.

if i got the story right, they only made 2,400 of these trucks, and this guy owns four. said the engineer who designed them, also helped engineer the development of the corvette. the significance of that, was the back end of the truck is made of fiberglass, just like a corvette, which i guess makes it lighter. just isn't pretty if you get in an accident and snap the stuff.

i think he also said his son had helped finish this one recently, as well as the rare four-door fifty-nine impala, parked in front of it. it was maybe the first time he'd brought this one out to a show.

as usual, i try to hunt down cars that pass by, and i finally found the truck and impala, out in the far dirt lot of the show. turned out to be this very nice green, which matched the green and white colored impala the son drove.

i had this shot ready to post, but i actually think i like a different shot of it, i'll have to add when i get back to my computer.