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1957 chevy bel air nomad

1957 chevy bel air nomad

decided to break up the monotony that is going on for the time being, flitting back and forth between my parents' and whittier, then a few days at my house moving boxes around, and cleaning carpets.

i'd taken my camera with me on friday morning, so that i could hit a show on the way home in the evening. of the three i could pass by on the way, i decided to go to ruby's in whittier. hadn't been there since last summer.

i do realize it would be lightly attended, compared to the first and last show of the season, but i'd never ever seen it so sparse, though i arrived around five pm. of the two aisles that they had blocked off, there were only a few cars parked within. at least for about an hour. it never really did get full like previous years, but that did allow me some ability to get shots i wouldn't have had there been cars crammed together, and a zillion people in the way.

more of the type of cars that i liked did show up eventually, but at the beginning, i wandered around up near the ruby's building.

saw this chevy over by the raffle table. didn't quite get low enough to hide the car next to it, but it is still ok. decided not to just shoot a typical angle, as these bel airs get a little boring after a while.

ain't nuthin' like the real thing

57 chevy

hi. my name's kathy. i'm a coke addict...no, not that kind. i drink too much coca-cola®. might as well hook me up to an iv full of it. really, what's the difference that i like my caffeine cold, rather than that foul smelling coffee stuff? nothing as good as perfectly mixed combination of carbination and sugary syrup on ice. new year, and yet again telling myself i'm going to cut back on the stuff. batting –.007 on that resolution. i'm sure i'll stop soon. ya right.

this red and white lovely was at fudd's a couple of weeks ago now. apparently we're simpatico...the license plate frame is for coca-cola. and the weather is just starting to get interesting, as far as the cloud formations go, so these down low shots will become more and more my favs. and the tail fins are always a fav...so...deal with it.

i get off on...

1957 chevy bel air nomad

ha, made you look.

...and screaming guitars, like the way it hits me everytime it hits me...

this one is often at the fuddrucker's show in el toro, though it is usually facing the other way when the sunset hits it. he likes to park at the end of the parking island, so is generally pretty good for getting a decent shot without a lot of other cars smashed up next to it. different spot this time, but i liked the light on it, and of course, those wonderful fins.


busy time at work, so probably will not be posting as frequently as i like for the next couple of weeks. didn't even have time for a show at all this week... :(  but looking forward to checking out a new one on sunday, if it doesn't rain. :)

oscar is no grouch

oscar's nomad

i was making the rounds at ruby's, waiting for my hubbie to arrive from a late evening at work, and stumbled across this beautiful 1957 chevy nomad. it's another car that i've rarely seen out and about. usually only see it at the whittier uptown car shows in august. it's my better half's favorite car of all, and when he finally arrived, i mentioned that it was here, he headed straight for it. he got this shot and this one.

just a fine example of this model, but it stands out over others with its glittery roof job. can only guess how many coats of paint it took to get a good solid cover of sparkle. i'm no girly girl, but i tried to do that with fingernail polish as a kid, and could never never get a nice solid coat.

i tried to catch some of the roof here, but i can only get a little bit of it, being that i'm not that tall. maybe i should keep a little ladder in my trunk for such occasions. might even make for some more interesting angles for other taller cars. better that i don't come straight from work in a skirt and use it either...

well, my hubbie chatted the owner up, and found out they won't be at this year's whittier show, being otherwise busy, but will be at a show in pomona, i believe they said, in october. might be out of town then, so glad to have caught it here.