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i was making the rounds at ruby's, waiting for my hubbie to arrive from a late evening at work, and stumbled across this beautiful 1957 chevy nomad. it's another car that i've rarely seen out and about. usually only see it at the whittier uptown car shows in august. it's my better half's favorite car of all, and when he finally arrived, i mentioned that it was here, he headed straight for it. he got this shot and this one.

just a fine example of this model, but it stands out over others with its glittery roof job. can only guess how many coats of paint it took to get a good solid cover of sparkle. i'm no girly girl, but i tried to do that with fingernail polish as a kid, and could never never get a nice solid coat.

i tried to catch some of the roof here, but i can only get a little bit of it, being that i'm not that tall. maybe i should keep a little ladder in my trunk for such occasions. might even make for some more interesting angles for other taller cars. better that i don't come straight from work in a skirt and use it either...

well, my hubbie chatted the owner up, and found out they won't be at this year's whittier show, being otherwise busy, but will be at a show in pomona, i believe they said, in october. might be out of town then, so glad to have caught it here.