what's up?

top down

my better half has been on call to go in to work today. he's been binge watching car restoration shows all day. don't know why. they seem so lame and unrealistic. now there's a barrett-jackson auction on.

who really buys those cars? can find very good ones any day at any local show, that are way better. of course, i have a bias for the classic cars. barrett-jackson sells the pns cars, so there's a given for the type of people buying them. sorry, not impressed.

that has nothing at all to do with this car. saw it on new year's day. my better half was chatting with the owner. i was actually going to skip it, i was on chevy overload already. but since we were already standing there, i went ahead and shot it.

beautiful car. that's all i'm saying.

crop it like it's hot

1957 chevrolet bel air

the full shot of this car was ok. but i think i like it cropped in like this. really it is the fins that make these cars anyway. and the contrast of colors wasn't bad either.

oh, and that's a shadow of a wagon wheel on the side. sun was starting to go down already.

this was from one of the shows on dave's cruise nights list. it's a little hit or miss in the winter i guess. there were only 3 or 4 cars when i got there, but was told that a couple had just left. well, that makes it better, i guess? anyway, i chatted with a guy with an old truck for a while, hoping more would drive in, but no luck in that department. he did mention another show the following week, which i did have the chance to get to, and saw him there, with his little dog too (he wasn't on a bike with a basket). that show rocked about a hundred cars, so thanks for that dude.

meant to get to one or two shows this weekend, to which i'd been given flyers, but other things came up, and couldn't make it. oh well. summer shows are almost here, so i'm sure i'll run into those guys again. raining here now, so i could post more pictures, or i could go clean my house...hmmm. nah, i gotta get some things done. i'll be good, just this one time...

miss purdy

1957 chevrolet bel air

i've had this one sitting in my favorites for a while now. i guess saving it for a rainy day. supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, so close enough.

this baby was polished to a mirror finish, and i'm kinda bummed i couldn't get up any higher to catch the sunset reflection in the hood. i think i had the tripod as high as i could get it, stand on my tip toes and still see in the eye piece. of course my better half would/will hassle me about using an angled eye piece for this type of problem, but i'm going to hope he doesn't see this post for a change.

anyway, was damn nice car.

shake your pom poms

1957 chevy

so it's fourth of july. here's a big red one for you. off to my bro's house for a block party. he's had a busy couple of weeks in the news, but that's another story.

found this on my trip to washington a few weeks ago. i'm not sure why, but pom poms in the back window seem to be popular there. not the school colors, but matching the car. i guess it evokes the time of the car? kinda lame to me, but i'm not from the 50s. eh, i didn't like cheerleaders in my own time. < i've edited myself a bit, or there'd be a few too many potty words here. i'm in a mood...>

really nice car. just wish some of these guys would actually close the trunk, not just shut them down.

the pointy things on the back

1957 chevy bel air

raining off and on all day. went to work for a couple of hours then got my taxes done.

pouring right now, and i'm just sitting here playing with my cars. not quite the same as when i was younger and playing with my bro and his hot wheels. never was much for playing with dolls. i still can't remember why i cut the hair off my sister's dolls, but i'm sure i had a reason at the time. i guess i was a tomboy then, and still a bit of it remains.

i still don't like dolls, and my bro still has his hot wheels. funny that he's never passed them on to his own kids. guess you just gotta keep those childhood memories for yourself sometimes.

anyway, i digress. took this picture last year, when i was just getting started taking pictures of cars. it was going to rain that day, but the guys still brought their cars out to play at this show that only happened once a month. they didn't leave until the sky got much darker and scarier.

i just like the back of these chevys from this angle. makes the fins that much more interesting.

rust bucket

1958 chevy yeoman

i met up with my dad at fuddrucker's the other night. he was curious about how i shoot cars. he's seen me shooting old planes up at the chino air museum, so it really wasn't going to be much different.

guess he'd driven by the last couple of weeks expecting me to be at the show, but the first one i'd already left, the next week, i'd skipped it. so we walked around and looked at cars, i took shots of cars i wouldn't typically shoot. i took shots that he didn't think were worth taking. like this car for instance. he wondered why i'd bother to shoot this old rust bucket.

first i'd never seen one of these before. second, they make really cool pictures. all the details really like to pop. driver was as interesting looking as the car, but i didn't get a shot of him.

anyway, spent time with my dad, had dinner, then went home. was a good evening.

ketchup and mustard

two chevys

i'm practically psychic...i know i won't be posting tomorrow...so i figured i would just post another one. hoping it won't rain tomorrow; i want to go to the last foothill show for the year.

these two were over in the corner at enderle plaza last month. the red one is owned by a guy that looks like santa, if i remember correctly, only skinny, but with a white beard. at least the plate names it santa56. the owner of the yellow one moved it in next to the red one, and the owners walked off together, so i suppose they're buddies.

i think the yellow chevy might be this same car from the garden grove friday show. nice neutral flames on the yellow, not overpowering and in your face, so much the better. sometimes you gotta let the classic car be the show stopper, not the paint choice. both very clean.

<deleted some snarky stuff here...wouldn't you like to know...?> gotta edit myself sometimes. my mother-in-law reads this once in a while. lol.

sunny side up

bel air

this chevy bel air was the color of a vivid yellow egg yolk. one with flames. down the sides. guess that would make it a fast breakfast to go.

the flames were just a bit darker than the body paint, so they might be difficult to see here, but they were cool. love the torpedo bumpers on these; look like they could do some damage if you're unlucky enough to tangle with them.

parked half in / half out of the sun / shade, i just hope for the best. deal with what it is, and take a lot of pictures...maybe one will turn out o.k., like this one.