what's up?

crop it like it's hot

1957 chevrolet bel air

the full shot of this car was ok. but i think i like it cropped in like this. really it is the fins that make these cars anyway. and the contrast of colors wasn't bad either.

oh, and that's a shadow of a wagon wheel on the side. sun was starting to go down already.

this was from one of the shows on dave's cruise nights list. it's a little hit or miss in the winter i guess. there were only 3 or 4 cars when i got there, but was told that a couple had just left. well, that makes it better, i guess? anyway, i chatted with a guy with an old truck for a while, hoping more would drive in, but no luck in that department. he did mention another show the following week, which i did have the chance to get to, and saw him there, with his little dog too (he wasn't on a bike with a basket). that show rocked about a hundred cars, so thanks for that dude.

meant to get to one or two shows this weekend, to which i'd been given flyers, but other things came up, and couldn't make it. oh well. summer shows are almost here, so i'm sure i'll run into those guys again. raining here now, so i could post more pictures, or i could go clean my house...hmmm. nah, i gotta get some things done. i'll be good, just this one time...