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solvangian dream

1956 chevrolet

whilst on a lost weekend in solvang several months ago, i was on the hunt for an old ford i'd seen tooling around the town. had even gone all the way back to the hotel to fetch my gear, and headed off to the main drag and public parking lots, hoping to find it somewhere. 

usually, it's quite busy on the weekend, and parking spaces are full. most any day of the week, one can find this here chevy. it's owned by one of the shop keepers. i was told by one of the employees watching from the store's doorway, that he also has another old car, and that she did as well...told her to tell him to bring his out, as well as hers the next day. (they didn't — i checked)

i've passed it by often over the years, but never had the interest prior to a couple of years ago, nor a good opportunity to shoot it. being that it was a rainy weekend, and fairly windy and chilly, here it was sitting with an empty space next to it, not many cars on the street. booyah! i took a couple of shots from the front, and from out in the street behind it. i liked this view best.

never did find the ford. must have been out just for a cruise.