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cruisin baby

1954 chevrolet

this lovely was out in riverside in february. back end sports a latin magic plate logo. a few guys from this club took time to chat with me. possibly the owner of this car talked a little about photography and shooting this car. no doubt it gets shot a lot.

they did give me a copy of that flyer that's messing up a perfectly fine image in the window there. i'd planned to go, but then the weekend of the featured show, i was out of town. sorry, it's baseball season for my kid, so my priorities are bit skewed now. not making it to as many shows as i'd like, nor posting as much as i'm used to. it happens.


what is it about the dbags that drive those lame hybrid cars 50 mph on the freeway? do they think they're saving the environment by going waaaay too slow? maybe their electronic squirrel engines just can't go that fast. but why is it, that they always choose to drive slower than molasses in front of me? and what the hell are they doing anywhere else, but the slow lane?