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chairman of the bored

1956 lincoln premiere

my better half may have found jesus; i found frank. like forrest said, you never know what you're going to get, especially when you go around to the back of a car. i'd never seen one of these cars, and was happily shooting it from the front. then this happy surprise when i went to the other end.

while frank never impressed me much, the airbrushing here wasn't bad, but it wasn't especially great either. for one, why is the color almost pretty good all over, then his mouth is full of gray teeth and gums? did he wear dentures, or did they forget to add a little pink to liven it up a little? no, wait, he was a smoker; that explains it. i know he was old, but ick. kinda creepy.

no, i don't want to dance with you. maybe my dad helped him out with the punctuation—he too, also likes to use exclamation points on everything he types. i know he'll read this eventually! sorry, but it's true! i love you dad!

anyway, this is it for a week. i'm all packed up, and the weather channel says it's going to be raining all week, as one would expect in seattle. bringing my cameras anyway, in case a patch of sun opens up for a few minutes here and there.

i'm sure my better half will keep himself busy and not notice the time passing until i get back, right d? he can hang out with his other old lady...who also is known to read this blog...thanks for putting up with me.

---side note---hey ernie from the latin gents, did you get my email last month? probably in your junk mail...that's where they always go.

1956 lincoln premiere

sunshine, on a cloudy day

1937 chevrolet

been busy again at work. coworker on vacation, deadlines for tradeshows; i've done a bit of overtime. while i've been to a few shows the last couple of weeks, i've yet to really get a good look at them and decide which ones i want to work on. so, i've dug this one up from february, since i'd already started on it.

still without hot water, and also busy packing up my stuff into big plastic bins. who knew one could collect so much sentimental junk over so many years. trying to sift out the trash from the useless stuff, and still having a hard time throwing out perfectly good junk. there's a community garage sale coming up, but i hate doing those too. think i'll just put the good stuff out in the alley–there's lots of people that would love to have it, and they comb through the garbage several times a day. let them keep it or make it worth their while. i'm too tired to deal with it now.



chevy fleetline

the thing i really like about being at a car show—apart from the taking of the pictures—is not even having to look around to know when these beasts are rolling in.

i can be low to the ground, focusing the camera, blocking the shot, and i can hear the low rumbling, like those dinosaurs in jurassic park, of the old cars blocks away. i don't even have to turn around, to know by the rumble if my next picture is driving up.

there's a big difference in the deep, low growl of old chevys, from the high pitched whine of the rodents running in the engines of say, a civic, driving down the street—eeeeeeeeeee—you know what i mean.

those lovely clouds...oh these are the kind of days i wait for all year.

full monte

chevy monte carlo

another car that i usually pass by, but i liked the reflection on the hood too much. frankly, i don't get the tiny wheels they put on these cars. i suppose it has something to do with the hydraulics and bounceability. otherwise, this one was rather plain compared to others i've seen all tatted up, relatively.

cruisin baby

1954 chevrolet

this lovely was out in riverside in february. back end sports a latin magic plate logo. a few guys from this club took time to chat with me. possibly the owner of this car talked a little about photography and shooting this car. no doubt it gets shot a lot.

they did give me a copy of that flyer that's messing up a perfectly fine image in the window there. i'd planned to go, but then the weekend of the featured show, i was out of town. sorry, it's baseball season for my kid, so my priorities are bit skewed now. not making it to as many shows as i'd like, nor posting as much as i'm used to. it happens.


what is it about the dbags that drive those lame hybrid cars 50 mph on the freeway? do they think they're saving the environment by going waaaay too slow? maybe their electronic squirrel engines just can't go that fast. but why is it, that they always choose to drive slower than molasses in front of me? and what the hell are they doing anywhere else, but the slow lane?

keep on...

1954 chevy 3100 truck

quick post. busy times at work and at home. i'm so tired.

here's another truck. another in a matte finish. or is it primer? anyway, they're a bit different than the standard spit shine trucks, so i'll shoot'em. and the clouds don't hurt neither. not sure if this one belongs to the inland empire dukes club, or just happened to be parked near them.

hoping to hit a few shows this weekend, at least by sunday. supposed to rain tomorrow. and i'm planning on doing nothing but jump on my trampoline after work, then going to sleep early.

piece of tail

1953 chevy pickup truck  

i think this truck was one of the last group of cars to enter the show, horns and sirens blaring, look at me, look at me.

i was really just digging the cloud reflections on all the cars, and this truck was no exception in its glossy finish that caught them.

not sure if the owner of this was one of the few guys that stopped to talk with me or not. if he's the guy that i cropped out of the picture, then no, and i don't think i threw a card in the window. oh well.

and the fox tail appeals to me. guessing it has been dyed to have stripes. too orange and full to be racoon. i have several tails from canada, fox and wolf...much too big and pretty to carry around, as well as the old racoon tail that i've had on my key chain for close to 20 years now. it keeps wanting to come apart, as it is drying out now, and i keep sewing it back together. i suppose i'll have to find another. hard to lose your keys with that thing on it. only ones i've seen for sale are thin, pathetic things. maybe i'll get back to canada soon and find a decent one.


i tried to hit several shows this weekend. two of them were no shows; a third i didn't have the energy left to go to after all, and will try again next month. mr lindsey might need to update his cruise night list. either several that i have tried to hit up are summer only, or they've been cancelled. at least i didn't drive out to them specifically; happened to be in the area, and made the effort to stop. oh well.

blue velvet

1948 dodge

can you not see why rainy days make for the bestest images? look at that sky. and that the sun is muted like a big soft box, killing off harsh reflections.

i take pictures of the cars as i find them, but there are times like this, i wish i could move some of that background crap out of the way...it's cluttering up a perfectly fine car picture.

check out the airbrushed picture on the visor of this dodge. skelly banditos. :)

1948 dodge

apache turquoise

1954 chevrolet bel air wagon

always looking for an excuse not to have to deal with cleaning the house or running laundry, i found this car show out in riverside, a fundraiser for the arizona middle school. i figured i could at the very least see some new cars.

i was not disappointed. the back field was lined with several inland empire car clubs' collections. i arrived, and just started from the right end of the fence and followed it around the perimeter. didn't shoot every single car, but mainly because half of them had the hoods and trunks open. such fine cars. mostly chevys of various years. but there were also a few newer cars, and some truck club, that i didn't really care about and therefore, totally ignored.

they also had various food and product stands, all selling their wares to collect money for various school clubs. i meant to buy some girl scout cookies from girls pulling a wagon, but didn't want to carry them around while i shot; i forgot to go find them when i was done. oh well. they weren't for me anyway – was going to get thin mints for my mother-in-law – a guilty pleasure for a diabetic.

this wagon was very nice, as proven by the trophies won, sitting in front of it. i don't think i've ever seen one, so i couldn't help from taking a picture of it, even with the back window hatch up. as it's supposed to rain in the next day or two, the sky above made for wonderful down low shots and reflections on all the cars.

i think the owner of this one was victor, one of the few people that bothered to talk to me. handed me a flyer for a show in march. thanks, victor. i hope i can make it there. hope your car won a trophy at this show...the one that was taller than me would probably fit in the back of your wagon.