what's up?

sunshine, on a cloudy day

1937 chevrolet

been busy again at work. coworker on vacation, deadlines for tradeshows; i've done a bit of overtime. while i've been to a few shows the last couple of weeks, i've yet to really get a good look at them and decide which ones i want to work on. so, i've dug this one up from february, since i'd already started on it.

still without hot water, and also busy packing up my stuff into big plastic bins. who knew one could collect so much sentimental junk over so many years. trying to sift out the trash from the useless stuff, and still having a hard time throwing out perfectly good junk. there's a community garage sale coming up, but i hate doing those too. think i'll just put the good stuff out in the alley–there's lots of people that would love to have it, and they comb through the garbage several times a day. let them keep it or make it worth their while. i'm too tired to deal with it now.