what's up?

rust bucket

1958 chevy yeoman

i met up with my dad at fuddrucker's the other night. he was curious about how i shoot cars. he's seen me shooting old planes up at the chino air museum, so it really wasn't going to be much different.

guess he'd driven by the last couple of weeks expecting me to be at the show, but the first one i'd already left, the next week, i'd skipped it. so we walked around and looked at cars, i took shots of cars i wouldn't typically shoot. i took shots that he didn't think were worth taking. like this car for instance. he wondered why i'd bother to shoot this old rust bucket.

first i'd never seen one of these before. second, they make really cool pictures. all the details really like to pop. driver was as interesting looking as the car, but i didn't get a shot of him.

anyway, spent time with my dad, had dinner, then went home. was a good evening.