what's up?

the pointy things on the back

1957 chevy bel air

raining off and on all day. went to work for a couple of hours then got my taxes done.

pouring right now, and i'm just sitting here playing with my cars. not quite the same as when i was younger and playing with my bro and his hot wheels. never was much for playing with dolls. i still can't remember why i cut the hair off my sister's dolls, but i'm sure i had a reason at the time. i guess i was a tomboy then, and still a bit of it remains.

i still don't like dolls, and my bro still has his hot wheels. funny that he's never passed them on to his own kids. guess you just gotta keep those childhood memories for yourself sometimes.

anyway, i digress. took this picture last year, when i was just getting started taking pictures of cars. it was going to rain that day, but the guys still brought their cars out to play at this show that only happened once a month. they didn't leave until the sky got much darker and scarier.

i just like the back of these chevys from this angle. makes the fins that much more interesting.