what's up?

shake your pom poms

1957 chevy

so it's fourth of july. here's a big red one for you. off to my bro's house for a block party. he's had a busy couple of weeks in the news, but that's another story.

found this on my trip to washington a few weeks ago. i'm not sure why, but pom poms in the back window seem to be popular there. not the school colors, but matching the car. i guess it evokes the time of the car? kinda lame to me, but i'm not from the 50s. eh, i didn't like cheerleaders in my own time. < i've edited myself a bit, or there'd be a few too many potty words here. i'm in a mood...>

really nice car. just wish some of these guys would actually close the trunk, not just shut them down.

le sabre

1961 buick le sabre

i don't typically shoot these, but this one was just an outstanding piece of work. how could i pass up all that chrome?

i was shooting pics of an old packard and la salle across the street from this buick, which i had shot the back of earlier, as i had walked up the sidewalk behind it. no one was really paying any attention to it, so i figured i could just finish with the packard and cross the street and do what i wanted with this one.

of course, as soon as i set up my tripod and set the white balance, a horde of guys decided it was a good time to take a close look at it. i could wait until they left, or i could just take the shot, and get over it. my time was limited, so i took the shot. still came out all right even with everyone milling about. i got what i wanted, the shiny chrome, the reflection on the hood, the overall ambience of the weather and location.

one little indian boy

1948 pontiac silver streak

here's another beauty from washington state. where do they keep these remarkable cars?

this one was at an intersection, usually had a few people around it, but i managed to wait them out, and quickly got this shot before the next bunch got in the way.

this town has a nice, clean, little main street area, similar to most main streets anywhere. i think if i didn't mention where i was, it could almost be anywhere. 

enter continental

1955 lincoln continental

so i had to make an emergency trip to washington state this past weekend. i had wanted to hit a show on saturday, but shockingly, it rained. that was fine, as i had a lot of things that needed to get done anyway.

sunday was father's day. overcast, but not raining. found only a couple of car shows on the net, in opposite directions. so i picked this one in burien. turned out to be a strawberry festival, street fair and carnival, with an added bonus...three blocks of cars. classics and muscle, about 50/50. new stuff to shoot, so yay. only had time to check out the car show before i had to get back to family stuff.

i'll start with this one, since it was the first car i shot, and the only one i bothered throwing a card onto the seat. one comment on that; around here, cars get filled up with flyers for all sorts of crap–upcoming car shows, parts, wheels, etc.–but at this show, there were no flyers, cards, anything thrown into/onto the cars. i almost felt like i violated the space, but i had to throw at least one card at a car...just as a i was here, and hope you come check out your car on my blog, thanks for letting me shoot it.

anyway, i don't think i've seen one of these before. it was pretty clean, no rust, really amazing condition. they must keep cars hidden in the garage all winter in this state. not the only pristine car here.

strangely, no one asked me who i was with, what i was doing, mostly didn't say nuthin at all, though i was the only one hauling a tripod. oh, and thanks to the baggage gorillas at the airport, the tripod head had a broken piece hanging off of it, and i feared it wouldn't work right. i managed to get the piece back in position, though it popped off a few times. finally twisted it a bit, and it seems to be usable. kinda sucks, as they don't make this model anymore.

i got a bunch of other shots that i'll post soon, but it's late now, and i have stuff to do before bedski.