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le sabre

1961 buick le sabre

i don't typically shoot these, but this one was just an outstanding piece of work. how could i pass up all that chrome?

i was shooting pics of an old packard and la salle across the street from this buick, which i had shot the back of earlier, as i had walked up the sidewalk behind it. no one was really paying any attention to it, so i figured i could just finish with the packard and cross the street and do what i wanted with this one.

of course, as soon as i set up my tripod and set the white balance, a horde of guys decided it was a good time to take a close look at it. i could wait until they left, or i could just take the shot, and get over it. my time was limited, so i took the shot. still came out all right even with everyone milling about. i got what i wanted, the shiny chrome, the reflection on the hood, the overall ambience of the weather and location.