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a weekend | pt 1

1940 mercury

1940 mercury

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quick post—on my lunch break and then gotta drive back to the office. breaking the tale over several posts, so i’ll start at the beginning, though posted pics won’t be in any particular rhyme or reason.

from the assortment of car shows this past weekend, i ended up back in san diego, after missing the show at chicano park last year.

left work promptly on friday, and headed to the train station. just easier than paying to park, and san diego has the local red trains to get just about anywhere, unless you don’t mind walking. i mean we’ve hoofed across downtown before...really ain’t a bad bit of exercise. but this trip, i’m on my own; better half staying home with his mom. >>side note to angela...hope you come back sometime, i’d like to go out with my hubbie once in a while, though he’d probably just sleep.<<

train was standing room only until the next stop. one of the double-decker surfliners. really a challenge for me to haul my heavy camera bag and rolling backpack bag up those tiny stairs while the train got a-rollin’. got on toward the front car. had to walk back three or four cars, ending up at the very back of the train, banging quite a few knee caps with my tripod, that was hanging off the side of my bag. 

next stop two peeps disembarked, so i scored their two seats to myself the rest of the trip. arms were tired, and it was tough for me to lift the camera bag up into the overhead, weak women upper strength and all. did it with no help, so there. 

...to be contined...back to work i go...