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little lamb

1980 lamborghini

i don't really enjoy taking pics of cars in museums, the lighting sucks, people don't bother to move out of the way, can't get a good angle, ropes and chains and whatever keep away from the car devices in the frame...but when you're on vacation, and can't find a car show in the area, you make do. found this one in the san diego automotive museum in balboa park.

not a lambourghini, but supposedly has a lambourghini engine inside.

i feel sorry for cars stuck in museums. not saying they aren't awesome, just saying they aren't loved. kinda like a discarded teddy bear; nobody plays with them, drives them, feeds them, beats them up, makes them lose a button eye... ya, they're kept clean and shiny, but how boring. so sad for beasts like this and the testarossa behind it, to just sit there day after day.

i'd be happy to play with this one. :)