what's up?

baby got back

1958 chevrolet impala

so my buddy ernie (i think that's his name) told me about this show over in paramount that they moved to mondays a few weeks ago. being that i only knew about one other monday show, and had nothing better to do, i drove on by.

he gave me a general idea of the cross streets, but i'm not familiar with the area, so it took me a few turns to find it, about a block down from where he told me. as is typical, i went straight from work, so shows are usually still pretty light on carage. depending on what's arriving as i whip through the cars that are there, and how hot and sweaty i feel, i don't stay long. strange really, after taking the time to drive all the way there, but the heat just makes me want to melt.

so, fortunately, this wonderful impala was already there, and was the first car i shot on this afternoon. actually took several, stalling to see what else would drive in. it was pretty warm, and only shot a few other cars before calling it a day.

i suppose i could go into the establishment and eat and cool off, but that's always a pain with the camera gear with me...hard to pull the bag and balance a tray of food and a coke.