what's up?

ding ding

lincoln continental

winkin' blinkin' lincoln. 

this car drove up and parked just as i was walking by. 

first glance, my thought was, well, that's a horse of a different color. usually see these only in black or white. 

next thought, was that the owner looked familiar, but i'd never seen this car before, to associate with that guy. from what i've read elsewhere, he's only had it out and about recently.

hadn't noticed when i shot the picture, on the car or on the teeny tiny camera screen, but on my computer screen, there's a great big dent on the side. maybe he should have kept it in the garage—would have been safer, but what fun is that.

maybe someone will let me know where the dent came from, assuming it's new, and that he didn't have it painted and polished that way.

made in the shade

so i baked in the sun this morning at a car show. even got up early, but it was already blazing at seven-thirty in the morning. not sure about the pics. i was futzing with the micro adjustment on the camera last night, and not really sure i got it dialed in right. ended up trying to readjust it at the show, and must have just looked like an insane person shooting the same car for too long.

i guess there are enough that are ok, so i'll work on something later. right now, backing some stuff up onto a new hard drive. my computer is getting full, so i have to delete stuff off, which always makes me paranoid, and wishing for the old days of film.

forgot i had queued this truck up for a post the other day, and then got busy. got my pictures for the fair back, and they look pretty good. even have one of them in the art show tonight at the lowdown in uptown. i guess if someone wants to buy it, i can print another in time for the turn in deadline.

this truck, was at legg lake a few months ago. still trying to determine if i like the matte paint i keep seeing. does make pictures slightly easier, not having to deal with reflections, but red is also a hard color to work with.

i guess i'll go walk over to the show, see what's inside the store/art show. see if there are any cars, other than the store owner's chevy there yet. i'll go back out with my camera later. if it's like the last show, it turns into a mini car show, until the cops shut it down.

peep show

happy easter or passover or whatever.

now pretend like that didn't happen and look at this:

i had already packed up my camera, and was just watching my better half shoot this car. testing out a new camera and lens, he was just having fun. i was standing in the shade, so whatevs.

then a '39 master deluxe drove by, and asked my better half if it was too late. he said of course not, and went off to follow that car to a parking space.

so damn. i stood around for about five minutes, saying i won't, i won't, i won't [on the inside]. it was hot, i was hungry, and just done.

then i lost the inner argument, and got my camera back out. might as well, i'm just standing there waiting.

super shiny and perfect. almost wanted to kick it, like stomping on the feet of a kid with the brand new white shoes.

then, of course, i had to go shoot that '39 too. i'm not stupid.


we go uptown a lot. there are lots of flyers posted on shop windows, so when we pass one that's advertising a car show, we make a note of it.

saw several posted in various places for the usuals' "chinga las vegas" get together over at legg lake. knowing the kind of cars in the club, i knew the kind of cars that would show up.

my better half was waiting for a call to go into the office, so i didn't think he'd be able to go. when i finally got moving and decided to head over, he decided he would go with, as long as i could bring him back home if he got called. i was also thinking i could just drop him off and keep on going over to the latin gents show.

we stayed at the show for a couple of hours, then had lunch. by the time we got home, we decided to stay put. if we'd headed to westminster, there would have been only about an hour left of the other show, so maybe next month.

apparently, the show was unsanctioned, or they didn't pull a permit, and the cops were keeping a close eye, and sometimes just harassing the guys. were being picky about how some cars were parked, and not others.


saw this beater drive through the show, as we were heading back to the car. noticed it had a bunch of real bullet holes in the trunk, not those stupid stickers.

my better half got the story from the owner. so second-hand, and knowing he isn't going to post his pics any time soon, i'll put mine up.

owner told him he'd seen it from the freeway, in someone's yard. i guess he somehow convinced them to sell it to him. it wasn't running, so he'd had to rebuild some parts of the engine. he'd only had it out and driveable last week. he said he was intending to fix it up, but that everyone is telling him it's too cool and that he should leave it alone. i sort of agree.

did not get the story of the bullet holes, so just make up a story.

i don't know whether he'll continue to work on it, but it is really cool right now.

ghetto blaster

getting late. almost time for the fat man. guess i'll head to bed. 

worked from home, made cinnamon rolls and pan de elate. making some taffy for my dad tomorrow...didn't feel like burning up my hands pulling it today. he likes it fresh anyway.

quick post. i think this is a cadillac; i didn't pay attention, i was just looking at the pinstriping.

now, in my sleep-deprived delirium, all i can see is an upside down angel that took a nose-dive onto this hood. and on that deranged thought, i'll wish you all a merry xmas, and that you get what you want in the morning.

double double

i like to watch other photographers doing their thing sometimes. so, the other day at legg lake, chicano soul (thanks to his wife for his business card, btw --good woman behind the success of every man, right?) had gotten a couple of guys to pull their cars off to the side so he could shoot with the trio of models he had with him.

he spent a lot of time with the first model that i watched. she moved a lot. i pulled out my other camera and took a handful of shots. don't shoot a lot of people, and usually its off to the side shots, while someone else is actually getting the girls' attention. better half says they would have been better if i had closed down the aperature on the lens, but i forgot; its always set up for macro shots, so err. and its a really good portrait lens when i do remember, so my bad.

i figured i'd wait for a break to get in a few shots of the cars together. i'd already taken the regular pictures of them before they got moved here. still farther away than i like to be, but i didn't want to get in his way. i liked they way the cars were parked, and the trees in the background.

got my shot, then this other model got in position, so i went ahead and shot this one, since i hadn't moved the camera. still prefer the cars without a girl draped on or against them. maybe i'd like this better if she had been more dressed in the style of the period. what do you think?

feels like fall

about time too.

made it out to the usuals bbq at legg lake today. glad i didn't head over at sunrise, because i suspect it would have been me and a hundred canadian geese.

as it was, i arrived just about the stated start time of ten in the morning, and it just seemed to be maybe a dozen of the usuals' cars and them setting up cooking gear and pop-ups. didn't take too long for more to roll in. gotta cut some slack on sunday morning shows, expecting a lot of people are at church, or more likely nursing a hangover.

i took plenty of pictures, and chatted to a few people i've met before.

a nice selection of cars turned out. showing this one because i really just liked the shot, with the fall colors, and that it seems like its the only car in the park.

anyway, could only stay for a couple of hours, since i still had to head down for my mom's birthday party. if you could call it a party, with only about seven people. both brothers are now in florida, and i guess my sister had been by on friday. whatever. happy 80th bday mom!

p.s., steve...my better half recommends you get a metabone adaptor for your sony 7r, then you can use your canon lenses on that body.