what's up?


we go uptown a lot. there are lots of flyers posted on shop windows, so when we pass one that's advertising a car show, we make a note of it.

saw several posted in various places for the usuals' "chinga las vegas" get together over at legg lake. knowing the kind of cars in the club, i knew the kind of cars that would show up.

my better half was waiting for a call to go into the office, so i didn't think he'd be able to go. when i finally got moving and decided to head over, he decided he would go with, as long as i could bring him back home if he got called. i was also thinking i could just drop him off and keep on going over to the latin gents show.

we stayed at the show for a couple of hours, then had lunch. by the time we got home, we decided to stay put. if we'd headed to westminster, there would have been only about an hour left of the other show, so maybe next month.

apparently, the show was unsanctioned, or they didn't pull a permit, and the cops were keeping a close eye, and sometimes just harassing the guys. were being picky about how some cars were parked, and not others.


saw this beater drive through the show, as we were heading back to the car. noticed it had a bunch of real bullet holes in the trunk, not those stupid stickers.

my better half got the story from the owner. so second-hand, and knowing he isn't going to post his pics any time soon, i'll put mine up.

owner told him he'd seen it from the freeway, in someone's yard. i guess he somehow convinced them to sell it to him. it wasn't running, so he'd had to rebuild some parts of the engine. he'd only had it out and driveable last week. he said he was intending to fix it up, but that everyone is telling him it's too cool and that he should leave it alone. i sort of agree.

did not get the story of the bullet holes, so just make up a story.

i don't know whether he'll continue to work on it, but it is really cool right now.