what's up?

double double

i like to watch other photographers doing their thing sometimes. so, the other day at legg lake, chicano soul (thanks to his wife for his business card, btw --good woman behind the success of every man, right?) had gotten a couple of guys to pull their cars off to the side so he could shoot with the trio of models he had with him.

he spent a lot of time with the first model that i watched. she moved a lot. i pulled out my other camera and took a handful of shots. don't shoot a lot of people, and usually its off to the side shots, while someone else is actually getting the girls' attention. better half says they would have been better if i had closed down the aperature on the lens, but i forgot; its always set up for macro shots, so err. and its a really good portrait lens when i do remember, so my bad.

i figured i'd wait for a break to get in a few shots of the cars together. i'd already taken the regular pictures of them before they got moved here. still farther away than i like to be, but i didn't want to get in his way. i liked they way the cars were parked, and the trees in the background.

got my shot, then this other model got in position, so i went ahead and shot this one, since i hadn't moved the camera. still prefer the cars without a girl draped on or against them. maybe i'd like this better if she had been more dressed in the style of the period. what do you think?