what's up?

feels like fall

about time too.

made it out to the usuals bbq at legg lake today. glad i didn't head over at sunrise, because i suspect it would have been me and a hundred canadian geese.

as it was, i arrived just about the stated start time of ten in the morning, and it just seemed to be maybe a dozen of the usuals' cars and them setting up cooking gear and pop-ups. didn't take too long for more to roll in. gotta cut some slack on sunday morning shows, expecting a lot of people are at church, or more likely nursing a hangover.

i took plenty of pictures, and chatted to a few people i've met before.

a nice selection of cars turned out. showing this one because i really just liked the shot, with the fall colors, and that it seems like its the only car in the park.

anyway, could only stay for a couple of hours, since i still had to head down for my mom's birthday party. if you could call it a party, with only about seven people. both brothers are now in florida, and i guess my sister had been by on friday. whatever. happy 80th bday mom!

p.s., steve...my better half recommends you get a metabone adaptor for your sony 7r, then you can use your canon lenses on that body.