what's up?

made in the shade

so i baked in the sun this morning at a car show. even got up early, but it was already blazing at seven-thirty in the morning. not sure about the pics. i was futzing with the micro adjustment on the camera last night, and not really sure i got it dialed in right. ended up trying to readjust it at the show, and must have just looked like an insane person shooting the same car for too long.

i guess there are enough that are ok, so i'll work on something later. right now, backing some stuff up onto a new hard drive. my computer is getting full, so i have to delete stuff off, which always makes me paranoid, and wishing for the old days of film.

forgot i had queued this truck up for a post the other day, and then got busy. got my pictures for the fair back, and they look pretty good. even have one of them in the art show tonight at the lowdown in uptown. i guess if someone wants to buy it, i can print another in time for the turn in deadline.

this truck, was at legg lake a few months ago. still trying to determine if i like the matte paint i keep seeing. does make pictures slightly easier, not having to deal with reflections, but red is also a hard color to work with.

i guess i'll go walk over to the show, see what's inside the store/art show. see if there are any cars, other than the store owner's chevy there yet. i'll go back out with my camera later. if it's like the last show, it turns into a mini car show, until the cops shut it down.