what's up?

peep show

happy easter or passover or whatever.

now pretend like that didn't happen and look at this:

i had already packed up my camera, and was just watching my better half shoot this car. testing out a new camera and lens, he was just having fun. i was standing in the shade, so whatevs.

then a '39 master deluxe drove by, and asked my better half if it was too late. he said of course not, and went off to follow that car to a parking space.

so damn. i stood around for about five minutes, saying i won't, i won't, i won't [on the inside]. it was hot, i was hungry, and just done.

then i lost the inner argument, and got my camera back out. might as well, i'm just standing there waiting.

super shiny and perfect. almost wanted to kick it, like stomping on the feet of a kid with the brand new white shoes.

then, of course, i had to go shoot that '39 too. i'm not stupid.