what's up?

good fella

1939 chevy master deluxe

was thinking about going to friscos, then it started to rain. rain or shine is great for cars, but not for camera lenses. the bodies are supposedly water resistant, but not the lenses. i can't afford new lenses, so probably will skip it. my loss.

saw this in the corner at showlow's st hilary show. if not a fleetline, master deluxes are my next favorite.half in, half out of the shade is sort of challenging.

wishing that other car wasn't behind it. took a picture of that one too. that owner was a dodgers fan, and took time to put a sunshade emblazoned with the logo across it in the front window, so that i'd take a picture of it. i did, but i don't think i'll post it. not the best shot, and i wasn't that impressed by the sunshade.

took my kid's dog for a walk on friday after work. hadn't stopped in to visit for a while, and the kid wouldn't be home from work for another hour or two. i took him to a nearby park and let him off his leash at some point, so he could run around a bit. he ran in circles for a few minutes, then must have found something, because i saw him eating it before i could catch up and stop him.

it looked like what was left was evidence of a picnic in the grass, with a baby's animal crackers and chicken bones strewn about the area. had to pull him away, as he was trying to snarf another bone.

saturday morning, about five a.m., i get a nasty "what did you feed the dog?" text from my kid. i guess the dog had not been feeling well the night before, had been locked in the kitchen just in case, and had woke up barfing and crapping everywhere. pictures were included. thanks for that visual.

he says the dog always drops a bigger load after i've stopped by, i usually feed him extra biscuits, or share my dinner with him. i'm a bad gramma in his eyes.

i had to apologize and tell him i hadn't fed him anything extra, and could only think whatever he managed to eat had already gone bad, and he had food poisoning.

i guess he continues to be sick, but supposedly slowing down. i've offered to take him to the vet and/or pay for it. he says he'd given the dog some pepto-bismol.

hoping to hear they've taken him in and given him an iv or something.