what's up?


1937 chevrolet

beauty from the veteranos show at the elks lodge.

i've been dealing with issues over the weekend, related to the repair work done on my car, due to being hit by another car. the car looks great--can't even tell it was dented at all. check engine light stayed on all weekend, the alarm would randomly go off, and cause the door to repeatedly try to lock while i was driving.

so i have reset the alarm multiple times, and it still acts possessed, so i've had to turn it off until i can get to the place that installed it years ago, to see if they can figure it out. kinda doubting the repair place can figure it out.

then this morning, halfway to the office, a three digit maintenance code pops up as well. really coincidental, right? so i took it to the dealership near the office, to check it out. why do they charge sixty-five bucks to plug a code reader in to tell them what the trouble is? that part should just be free, since they ream you with labor costs, right?

so they tell me, check engine light is for the o2 sensor going bad, and the maintenance code is oil change, tire rotation, some other expensive thing that isn't critical right now, and oh, the starter is going bad. coincidence? karma? probably had a fortune cookie that generically predicted this would happen.

catch the shuttle back to the office, and spend the next six hours bouncing between projects. boss is out of the office, and several coworkers are travelling, so it was quiet, and i got a lot done, and still more assigned to me.

about three in the afternoon, i get the call that my car is ready, and the driver is on his way to pick me up. i'm the only passenger this afternoon, so i got to sit up front for the short drive back.

anyway, after throwing down a dozen benjamens, my car is running good, but will still need that non-critical part replacement next time. i think i'll skip xmas this year. well, i pretty much skip xmas every year lately.

after getting the car, i drove out to check on my kid's dog. after the weekend being sick, finally got him to start eating, and acting a little like himself in short bursts of energy.

drove him out to my mom's house for a visit, and because he likes hanging his head out the window, the wind whipping his ears around. kid and his wifey were to stop and pick him up from there, on their way home.

while we were waiting, i took him to the park around the corner, where dog owners in the hood go to let their beasts run freely on the field.at least until some local buttwad narked to animal control about them being off leash. i think once that group figures out which homeowner reported them, they might find some "little suprises" on their doorstep.

anyway, the kid's dog is either pretty shy around other dogs, or he wants to be chased, depends on the dog or the number of dogs around. this time, i think there was about six, three larger than him, three small yappy dogs. a couple of dogs come over to check him out.

he's still not one hundred percent, and he's busy taking care of business. then i'm busy picking up what i can of his business. i see from the corner of my eye, that one of the small dogs is quite near to me, and sniffing where my dog has just been.

what i didn't notice until i started toward the trash can with the evidence, was that the little shit had pissed on my pant leg, and i didn't notice the warm wetness until the material rubbed across my ankle. ewwww. warm trickle into my shoe. blue jeans take the longest time to dry. why me?

and the best part was that several of the other owners had watched silently as the dog did it. claimed they weren't sure that it was doing what it was doing until it was too late anyway. once i realized, they all started to laugh and joked that i had been chosen, or that i was his now.

too late, and i was done for the day, so i laughed along. pants are washable, and so am i. just got all cold and gross after a bit, until i could get home. so that basically summed up my day.