what's up?


waiting at sea-tac, watching planes take off. has been mostly perfect weather until today. light rain and about fifty-four degrees out. heading home, where it's about eighty-eight. better half would say it's about one-hundred, since his air conditioning in his car isn't working. so not missing the heat.

been a good trip. daughter's birthday was just us two, since her boy toy had to work. she had a larger karaoke party the next night with her friends to make up for it.

took her car in for maintenance as a gift, since all she ever does is change the oil. ended up being more than expected, of course. worth it for piece of mind, and not imagining her stuck on a highway in the snow this winter.

anyway, got to the airport too early, and not much to choose from to eat or to look at in this terminal.

one more show on my show calendar this year. guess i'll look back at what i've been to that was any good and start building a tentative schedule for next year.

already see that work is busy and plenty waiting for me at the office tomorrow. yay.


interesting car color here. at least i was able to shoot it without too much of the pop-up in the shot. no way to avoid the port-a-potty, though.