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la van dulce

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busy week and i’m tired. standing at a table in the middle of the oc fair. last weekend and had a free ticket. traffic sucks anyway. started getting dizzy so found a shady spot.

i’d rather be all alone in a crowd with my better half. early here but plenty of people. and i’m already bored.

contemplating which show to go to in the morning and/or pomona on sunday. guess i’ll see where the car goes. i think it needs a sevice soon.

one more week then i head to vegas for five days. hate that place, and it’s more hellish in summer heat. at least i’ll be staying in a hotel i’ve never been in that i can remember.

guess i’ll keep an eye on traffic and waste another hour here.


shot through the window for this shot of every cliché you can think of in a lowrider van. fairly unimpressive white on the outside, save for some pinstriped messages, such as the name of the van. guessing “asshole” in it’s delicate paint refers to the owner and not the reader.