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1947 de soto i haven't shot this car since i really got into doing this about a year ago. compare it to my original posting of it to see if i've improved any. definitely deserved a higher angle than i used to always do them at. i have a couple of others i liked as well, showing reflections of the sky and trees on the hood, but it's late, so i'll save them for some other day.

i don't know why i like it. has one of the most gigantor front grilles i ever do see. oh, i know...i love the hood ornament :)

1947 de soto deluxe fluid drive

1947 de soto

don't see many of these. actually, this is the first one i've seen in a show. in all the whole month of shows that i've been to, anyway. seemed to be in good condition, but not overly polished, like it actually gets driven and not housed in a garage. the owner seemed a bit nervous, but didn't stop me from taking a shot. hope he sees that i did ok by it.