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island girl

1960 desoto fireflight

promised to post this one. it was different. took several shots early; came back again later, after the sun had moved a bit. it's the tail lights. unusual fins and lights always catch my eye. this one looks like they jammed some cadillac bullets in there.

owner was a nice older gentleman. said it had just been finished two months ago.

lucy lucy lucy

been a crazy week at work. i do have some deadlines i gotta work toward this weekend, but i'm still trying to have "a weekend." 

spent the morning in the oc, watching my kid play in one of his alumni baseball games. unfortunately, both high school and college games were today, so he picked high school. probably because his best friend, and former team mate was in town, before heading off for spring training for his minor league team.

another of his former roommates should be starting this year in the  major league. maybe i can weasel some tickets from him. my kid chose to pursue a law degree, and is about to graduate. he should pick one of his friends, and work on their contracts.

anyway, after the game, figured i had options for the balance of the day: go home and work on my deadlines; get some lunch and go home and work on my deadlines; or i could drive out to norco, to see if there was anything worth seeing at the all american working iron show. guess what i picked. its called avoidance.

i don't miss the drive out toward riverside. anyone else feel like they're driving in the wild wild west going east on the 55 freeway? there always seems to be accidents, and people drive even more like idiots than other freeways. like there are no lane lines, swerving around the semi trucks. for get physics of stopping that much weight.

been a while since i've gone out to that big boy, and the parking lot was busy, but not crazy full like other shows they have there.

this one mostly had trucks, vans, and any cars that may have been used on farms back in ye olde times. and old cars were welcome too. unfortunately, many of them had their hoods up, so that cut my stay time by a lot.

i was about ready to leave, not finding a lot to keep me interested in shooting, when this car drove through the lot. was hoping it wasn't leaving, and happily saw it park way at the end, away from most of the show. i headed back that way directly, just in case.

owner was still sitting inside, on a cell phone. he jumped out when he saw me setting up. wasn't necessary, i was low, and he wouldn't have been in the shot at all. anyway, i took a few angles of it, and liked this one best. silhouettes up on the light pole, and the side view of the car; seemed appropriate.

one of the things i noticed when it originally went by, was that there was a big ole' lucille ball on the trunk. i couldn't get a good straight up shot of her, because he'd backed up against some plants i didn't want to totally walk around in or on.

owner said his wife really loved lucy—didn't everybody? he said he just happened to be driving by, wasn't really there for the show. can't remember where he said he lived, but i think he was just as far from his home as i was.

i shot quick. he had been on the phone with his wife, and had to get going. thanks for waiting while i got my fun on.


back home now, and decided not to do any work today at all. that, and also cuz my better half had my computer set up all taken apart, in order to put a battery backup on it. if his mom has her heater turned on, and someone runs the microwave, it blows a fuse. which means, my computer crashes. has happened one too many times. 

and i got a new back up drive, that i'm filling up as i type. gotta make sure its working. still has not quite three hours out of five left just for all the pictures i took last year, and january this year. 

gotta go clean my camera sensors now. hoping to wake up early and head out to hillco for the super cruise before the big game. hard to get parking for that thing.

after that, then i really do have to get my job done. meeting on monday morning to present the designs.


grape jelly

1953 ford customline

posting this one for my coworker, mario. after several months of walking by my cubicle, he finally figured out that i took the car pictures hanging on my wall. who knew he was a classic car freak too? well, he certainly didn't suspect the same of me. he knows cars; i just take pictures of them. my way of unwinding after work. says he wants me to take pictures of his car when he has it fixed up. we'll see...

anyway, i believe he said his favorite color was purple, so this one is only appropriate. some of these cars get stripped down to the point that they're so plain, they seem generic. this one caught my eye because of the color, and then i noticed the subtle pinstripe on the hood. the bumper and the chrome stuff on the side do set this one apart from the plain jane customs i've often seen.

just noticed that i have more than 200 posts since i started this blog last march. whew!