what's up?

lazy day

1960 chevy impala

there was a big car show today. i was even awake at five in the morning, but i went back to bed. i should have gone, just to get out of my head, to take in some fresh air and get some exercise, but i just didn't want to go to this one. too many hot rods the last few years, not enough low riders.

tomorrow i will. a car show later in the day, and no rain expected. anniversary show at frisco's. for sure there will be cars i like there.

walked uptown for lunch. joked to my better half to be verwy verwy quiet...i'm hunting fweetlines... lo and behold, i did pass at least three of them driving by and on the way back to the house.

right now, there's a funeral / viewing down the street, practically a car show in that parking lot. didn't know the guy, and it would be sort of disrespectful to go back and set up my tripod and start shooting, right? didn't even whip out my phone for a snap as i walked by.

really explained why i kept seeing cars driving past the house and uptown earlier. 

they are welcome to find parking down here, by the house, instead of trying to jam all of their cars into the lot. i'll keep an eye on the cars while they're gone. really i will.

so now, i go outside once in a while, to see what i can see from the corner. figure i can shoot them as they slow down at the stop sign, after the viewing is over. unless they go the other way, and hit up the cigar bar or something.

the sun has gone undercover now, so it's quickly become too chill to stand out there for very long without my jacket. and i'm starting to feel like a tool, standing there with a big lens and snapping a few shots, every once in a while.

my kid and his wife are going to stop by. spending the day at griffith park and that hood. will probably go uptown again for dinner, if they're hungry.

another from last week. was a lovely car. i'd be worried about the rain, but then figured they'd just put the roof back up and rub off the water spots when they get home, safe in the garage.

sky looks sort of dramatic here, but really any pictures featuring clouds in so cal could be called that. usually such a rare occurrence.