what's up?

xmas is almost over

1937 chevy

1937 chevy

it's happening. it's finally happening. the xmas tree is coming down, and all the whimsical holiday stuff is going back into the garage.

better half would leave the tree up year round if he had his druthers, but his mom wants it down now, so sir, yes, sir, may i have another?

still half a tree to denude of lights. maybe i'll help tomorrow, just to make it go away. fake needles really do beat your hands to hell though.

i have a whole lot of cars parked in draft mode, waiting to be posted here. sad, really. haven't had much to say, or that i want to share now.

i figure the cars got posted on instagram fairly quickly after their respective shows, so if i take my sweet time posting them up here, it doesn't really matter. except maybe if they wanted to see them a bit bigger. want to see it optimally? buy a print. seriously. i'm down another camera already, with the other starting to show the same error message, and don't know when i'll take the time to ship it in for fixing vs just buying another body. 

i do have chuck e cheese points in the reward program at work, which i was saving up to buy a full frame body, but i could get two crop bodies with the points i have now. i dunno what to do. haven't gotten any more points lately. i could pay the difference, but i don't wanna.

better half's sister is back at her home for the weekend, and his mom mostly sits in her room watching tv all day. hoping to just sit around the house at least topless all weekend, so my stitches can get some air. lol. it's been hot all week, so the house is overly warm anyway.

better half has to work all weekend at his desk. ya, i won't be distracting.

in fact, he's in the kitchen doorway smiling right now.

at the bar

1960 chevy impala

no car shows for me today. our family member is in the hospital again. i will have to go tag out my better half, so he can go home, shower and get a few hours of sleep.

this is a crap picture. i know it is a crap picture, but it is how i feel at just this moment...so close, but can't go. it was a different kind of shot though, through the bars, at cars driving into the show.

they didn't stop long enough for me to get a clean shot, but the idea is there.

hoping everyone at the shows today keep cool...going to be in the nineties by noon. hate summer, really do.

two weeks until the whittier uptown show...just down the street...that i can go to...

party time

harley davidson

niece is having her first birthday party behind me. so i guess it's time to go eat cake.

posting this quickly from last sunday's unidos show at walnut high school. i'll write more tomorrow.

hope it was a good friday for everyone.


on 2016-03-27 00:21 by kathy

we bailed out of the azalea festival show, just after noon, just before the sun came out. better half wanted to get lunch and maybe check on his mom. he worries when we leave her alone, before the sun comes up, and she's still asleep.

i offered to drop him off, that i was going to stop briefly over at the unidos show in walnut. he compromised by giving his mom a phone call, and we stopped for lunch first, at the subway near the show, where we usually go after. 

i think this was the fourth year i'd been to this show. not sure my better half went last year.

sun was out in full force, and it had really heated up. really sucks, being that this show is on the pavement in the high school parking lot. i was not prepared, no hat, no sunblock.

better half wandered through the cars at the front, i headed to the back lot, and worked my way back. i did end up skipping a few rows...just didn't see anything i wanted to shoot, and i was in a race with myself...how long i could stand the heat.

finally packed it in, when i started feeling my skin tingle with that feeling like bacon frying in a hot pan. i was only slightly pink, but it felt worse.

shot a few bicycles, lots of the old chevys and buicks, but only this one motorcycle at this show. i think the color and the light just caught my eye.

awww, shoot

1953 chevrolet bel air

posting another tonight. i've been away from home too many days. catching up with things.

another from last weeks mini-show at the vfw. such a small show, i felt like i'd crashed a party. someone posted a flyer, so i just took them up on it, and showed up.

i liked the cars, that there weren't lots of people in front of the cars. i think i lot of them were inside, enjoying the freshly barbequed meal being sold at the door. i wasn't hungry, so i didn't buy one.

i'm pretty sure i've seen this chevy somewhere. the sun going down, is whacking the color with a blanket of yellow. throws it off a bit.

hell if i was going to work a third weekend in a row. though, with the workload waiting, i sometimes find it hard to not think about trying to get ahead of deadlines, without being interrupted. it's hard to stop thinking about the work. gotta remember there is a life outside the office.

i gotta get back to weekly car shows, spending time with my better half, and trying to drop a few pounds. i sit on my ass all day in traffic, at the office, in the evening. i need to make some changes. just don't know what.

so shine your cars, or not. i'm in the mood to shoot.

for all i know

another busy week, though unusually, not so much at work. as in enough to keep me busy for a full day, but not work overload with multiple deadlines. i actually caught up with everything before the end of the day, which happens about three times a year. then i don't know what to do with the time.

nothing has come to pass with taking executive portraits since they asked a couple of months ago, so i guess everything i've read up on it will fade from my noggin. i could practice shooting family members, but aside from my better half, around here, no one likes to be in front of the glass. i think i'll stick with cars, and call it a day.

looking forward to a veterans day car show this weekend, but for all i know, it will rain. it's been sprinkling around work and in random cities on my commute, but it seems to be missing whittier and los angeles for the most part. does seem to follow a pattern of warming up the weekend then getting overcast for back to work monday.

i do love the overcast and clouds for pictures, though. this chevy pic turned out ok. even managed to get an angle that hides most of the other cars around it, and in between all the people admiring the cars.

picking coins out of a bear's butt







fourth of july. sitting at my puter watching illegal fireworks through the window. was going to walk uptown, but my better half said that there are a-holes throwing m-80s in drive-bys. interesting city, whittier and los angeles. hate living somewhere, where you have to worry about something stupid like that. could be anywhere now-a-days, i guess. where i grew up, the worse to worry about was eggs being thrown.

there's been some jerk in the neighborhood spending time late in the evenings driving around tossing the things here and there, playing cat and mouse with the cops. i have a hard time falling asleep as it is, so thanks bozo. he just went by, and five seconds later, a cop, lights still dark following at a fairly quick rate...hope he catches him.


here are some random cars, the right colors for the day. red, last night at ruby's; white, last april at chicano park; and blue, march at the unidos show at walnut high school. all chevy's, all beauties, all, i wouldn't mind having.


oh, if you're wondering about the title, i've spent the last two days rolling all the spare change in the house. i don't have a piggy bank—i have a bear. he was stuffed so full of coins, i had to keep poking him in that little hole on the bottom to get them loose enough to shake out. i've had him for like thirty years, so i really didn't want to smash him.

found a 1945 mercury dime in my bear; a few other silver dimes in other jars.

between my change and the buckets my better half uses for his, we hauled over a grand to the bank. damn that stuff is heavy! but hey, all we need now are a few days off at the same time and a road trip is in order.



only shot i took of this chevy at this show. was just too crammed in between the other cars. but i told the owner i'd post something.

the owner, if i remember the right car, wandered over to inquire who i was shooting for; usual response, for fun. if it's the right guy and right car, he was also asking about getting a picture of his wife with the car, to hang in the garage. hmmm. people. i will once in a while, take a shot with someone and their car, but that does push my comfort zone a bit. but i can understand a guy wanting a picture of the things he loves. and it is good to get uncomfortable once in a while, out of my shell.

"sure, where is she," i asked. she wasn't there...at home, sleeping in late. just down the street a bit. oh well. what fun is that? maybe some other time. maybe next year.

begin at the end

slept in on sunday, and arrived at the unidos show just about eleven. i walked through the show first, around the outer perimeter of the lot, and around to the other parking area. usually where i end, is where i began shooting. figured it was going to only getter hotter, and by the time i got around to finishing, it would be closer to the car and it’s air conditioning.

chatted with a few guys from the bomb club over there. i’ll post those soon.

had to stop and take a water break, after having to figure out which stall was selling the refreshments. really dude, put up a sign. had to ask one of the food vendors where the drinks were hiding. only obvious drink vendor just sold horchata and that type of stuff, when i only wanted a bottle of water. sat under a canopy at a lunch table. so much cooler in the shade, and with a breeze.
spent about fifteen minutes talking to the owner of this car and his friend. usual chit chat about my hobby. then about another female photographer from the early fifties, vivian maier and her street photography. then about the heat and where i got my hat, which led to talk about chicano park and san pedro car shows, neither of which these guys had been to. ever. go, baby. go.

interesting guys. hope he likes this picture.


saw this pontiac out at the unidos show in walnut. can't remember seeing one before, so i had to take a few shots of it. i otherwise might have walked on by, since the back end was open, and you know how i am about hoods up; same for the trunk. or shoot real low and try to keep it out of the frame.

i think i like this one best, as there are no people in the shot and there are clouds in the sky.

the owner watched me for a little while then came over to ask if i sell pictures, answer is: sometimes. he's looking for something big, though he wasn't specific. 16x20? billboard? on metal? guess we'll see. he seemed sincerely interested, and had never even seen my work, so i hope he likes this one.

i liked the hood ornament: inspiration for, or inspired by the stealth bomber?

blue skies

told you the weather guys can't predict nuthin. no rain last night, no rain today. 

i got up late, or i would have gone to three or four shows. so starts baseball, so starts the car show season. pretty much it never really stops in so cal, just not so many in the winter, if you can call it that.

when i went to the unidos show here at walnut high school last year, there wasn't much there, due to the coinciding swap meet at pomona. tends to suck the local shows dry. this one was busy, the lot was full, and i was happy. probably a fifty-fifty mix of 60s low riders and the bombs that i like.

right at the front were the host members' cars. i saw this one before, but i didn't like the shots i got of it. i like impalas, with their wings on the back. my preference is the fifty-nine, but this is ok too. i like the airbrush work on the wheel cover.

funny thing happening the last couple of shows i've been to. usually, its my better half telling me guys are asking where i am, if i am there; these shows, they've been asking where he is. someone even gave me a flyer to give to him for a change. he's finding that a funny twist.