what's up?


saw this pontiac out at the unidos show in walnut. can't remember seeing one before, so i had to take a few shots of it. i otherwise might have walked on by, since the back end was open, and you know how i am about hoods up; same for the trunk. or shoot real low and try to keep it out of the frame.

i think i like this one best, as there are no people in the shot and there are clouds in the sky.

the owner watched me for a little while then came over to ask if i sell pictures, answer is: sometimes. he's looking for something big, though he wasn't specific. 16x20? billboard? on metal? guess we'll see. he seemed sincerely interested, and had never even seen my work, so i hope he likes this one.

i liked the hood ornament: inspiration for, or inspired by the stealth bomber?