what's up?

begin at the end

slept in on sunday, and arrived at the unidos show just about eleven. i walked through the show first, around the outer perimeter of the lot, and around to the other parking area. usually where i end, is where i began shooting. figured it was going to only getter hotter, and by the time i got around to finishing, it would be closer to the car and it’s air conditioning.

chatted with a few guys from the bomb club over there. i’ll post those soon.

had to stop and take a water break, after having to figure out which stall was selling the refreshments. really dude, put up a sign. had to ask one of the food vendors where the drinks were hiding. only obvious drink vendor just sold horchata and that type of stuff, when i only wanted a bottle of water. sat under a canopy at a lunch table. so much cooler in the shade, and with a breeze.
spent about fifteen minutes talking to the owner of this car and his friend. usual chit chat about my hobby. then about another female photographer from the early fifties, vivian maier and her street photography. then about the heat and where i got my hat, which led to talk about chicano park and san pedro car shows, neither of which these guys had been to. ever. go, baby. go.

interesting guys. hope he likes this picture.