what's up?

javier's hot potato

it got pretty hot in the afternoon on saturday in chino. had to take a few breaks and hide in the shade. days like that make me want some sort of air conditioned/cold water suit to wear, sort of michelin man looking. that, or just wear shorts and a bikini top, but then i'd just burn up in the sun.

this is one of the cars i found early in the morning, parked on the shady side of the street. good thinking...did you scope it out the day before?

i've seen this car before. it's javier's car; says so on the tag. and he introduced himself as javier too, so let's just call him javier. :)  and it's a tan color, sort of like a potato, so just go with it. i'm running out of title ideas. lol.

he asked me about how to get a picture. easiest is to send me an email, and i'll upload it to my print vendor site, and you can either order direct from there, or i can make other arrangements for ordering and delivery. if javier happens to be looking for this one, he can find it here.

this looks a little dark on my screen here. i'll have to check it out somewhere else. might have to tweak it a bit more.