what's up?

auntie freeze

had a busy weekend. better half got called in do work, so he didn't get to have any fun at car shows with me, as originally planned. hope they remember he is out of town when we go to chicano park.

spent all day saturday out at the chino corn feed run. a lot more cars than last year, adding a few more "overflow" lots. and i saw them all. didn't shoot them all, but really, who could?

also stopped at the unidos fundraiser at walnut high school on sunday. annual show. been there twice before. i thought there were more cars this year, but maybe because i got there later than i usually do.

anyway, i'll start by saying i took more pictures than i'll ever get around to doing anything with, as usual. i actually talked to a lot of people, which for me, is really interesting. met a lot of people, and i probably won't remember your name, until i've run into you a few times, but i definitely remember a car.

since i took a lot of pictures, i've posted single exposures of most of the cars on my flickr junkyard. feel free to check them out, and let me know if you think your car is worth polishing up. easier if you view by album.


this impala was really nice. owner offered to put the top down for me, but it was fine as it was. how i found it, how i shot it.