what's up?

gruncle gruncle

quick post. tired. again. two hours in traffic to get home today. ugh.

we were standing over by the food trucks trying to decide whether to eat, get water, or leave the show. a guy walks over and asks who we shoot for. we tell him we're just having fun.

he asks if we could take a shot of his car, and points it out through the crowd. happens to be in our line of sight, so i said sure.

better half side tracks me on the way to show me a tshirt at one of the vendor stalls. nah, it was pretty plain, so didn't need it.

finally made it to the car. shot a few, but liked this one best. so, check another off the list of cars i said i would definitely post. because they asked.


you should see some of my better half's pics. really killer. i don't think he's posted them to flickr yet. he hasn't posted or even played with his pictures much this past year. busy taking care of his mom and working too much.

his blog isn't really working right now, since he let the domain expire before he could move it to another provider. and then some ahole bought it. blog is still on the net, just hosted under a default url until he thinks of something else.

no matter what he tells you, he's still the better photographer, technically.

and now he's a great uncle. his nephew's girlfriend had a baby boy last night. and his niece will be having a baby girl at some point today. so now he's a gruncle. twice in twenty-four hours.