what's up?

awww, shoot

1953 chevrolet bel air

posting another tonight. i've been away from home too many days. catching up with things.

another from last weeks mini-show at the vfw. such a small show, i felt like i'd crashed a party. someone posted a flyer, so i just took them up on it, and showed up.

i liked the cars, that there weren't lots of people in front of the cars. i think i lot of them were inside, enjoying the freshly barbequed meal being sold at the door. i wasn't hungry, so i didn't buy one.

i'm pretty sure i've seen this chevy somewhere. the sun going down, is whacking the color with a blanket of yellow. throws it off a bit.

hell if i was going to work a third weekend in a row. though, with the workload waiting, i sometimes find it hard to not think about trying to get ahead of deadlines, without being interrupted. it's hard to stop thinking about the work. gotta remember there is a life outside the office.

i gotta get back to weekly car shows, spending time with my better half, and trying to drop a few pounds. i sit on my ass all day in traffic, at the office, in the evening. i need to make some changes. just don't know what.

so shine your cars, or not. i'm in the mood to shoot.