what's up?

keeping to the other side

one of my favorite cars, since i started playing with the camera again several years ago. don't see it very often. aside from the fact that i haven't been going out to as many shows, he tells me that he's mostly keeping this one on the other side of the 605 freeway now.

just happen to know his club goes to this particular show, so was happy to run in to it there. jammed between his other club cars, but still worth a shot, or two. always trying to get a good shot of the freakin' ghost flames. i think the overcast sky helps a lot, cuts back the reflective glare. someday, i'll get a ladder. just one more thing to drag around, right?


been busy at work, and taking care of some medical stuff. i really don't like needles at all. really, really hate them. anyway, got to get stuck a couple more times in the next couple of weeks. so, i'm going to not think about that right now.


so how about a couple more shots of the car?