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back in black

1959 cadillac coupe de ville

1959 cadillac coupe de ville

made it out to pomona this morning. after the hike in from the parking lot, i probably only shot for a couple of hours. first time out in a few months, and i was getting exasperated by the people walking through my shots, and just the fact of the pomona swap meet—so many cars, on the move and parked together, ebb and flow of people. it gets overwhelming and boring at some point.

it was a good two hours to bang out some crap pictures, and remember what i used to do. kick start how to 'see' again, mostly anonymously. no one really bothered me.

better half had gone with me, to make sure i was ok, i think. he brought his camera bag with him, but mostly just shot the sunrise, before calling it a day. it was a really nice sunrise, i'll give him that.

got somewhat frustrated after the sun came up, when i wanted to shoot some details, but my second camera is having issues and giving me card errors. finally brought out the a6000, but the lens isn't what i wanted to use, so promptly sacked that one. guess i'll have to send it in for repair, since it's relatively new, and it doesn't seem to be a card issue.

this was the last car i shot, before calling my better half to see where he had wandered off to. he had been hungry earlier, so i assumed he'd gone to eat, and wander the aisles of parts. turns out, he hadn't eaten, and decided the pavement on the aisles was too rough for one of his cameras bouncing around in the bag, with it's delicate sensor.

so i said, i'd had enough, and we left to find breakfast/lunch on the way home.

my favorite end of this cadillac, with the great fins, and dual bullet lights. there was a woman sitting just off to the right end of the car, and her legs kept getting in the shot. so screw her, cropped it to the essential bit of the car. more interesting this way, anyhow.


1959 cadillac coupe de ville

1959 cadillac coupe de ville

feeling a little misty, sentimental, a little cadillac kinda mood. maybe it's just me being tired. was looking for something in my archives, while waiting for my hair to dry, and this car from two-thousand and thirteen caught my eye.

out in rialto, at the annual run whatcha brung show, shooting down low. my better half's old wide-angle lens, that i basically took over until i bought the one i used now. i almost think it's better than the new one...the fade off into blurred detail is a bit farther.

love the pointy back end and the bullet lights. looks so yum

i was nominated for some new award at work. they announced the winners today...i wasn't one of them. and you know what, i'm ok with it. really didn't think what i was nominated for compared to those who did win, and i was actually really mostly relieved that i didn't have to stand up in front of the crowd, and/or have to pose for pictures. hate that part.

they didn't get big hardware or a chunk of crystal, that i would have added to my collection of other glass sitting on an led base, all blinged out, but hey, i still got some brownie points just for the nomination. i'm saving up to get enough for another camera body someday.

sort of like getting the honorable mention on my picture at the fair.

tail end

1960 cadillac coupe deville

i'm at my mom's, locked in my old bedroom, enjoying the snot-filled end of a bad cold. the possessed lucifer voice is losing it's grip blow by snotty blow. note to my better half: "bow to me faithfully, bow to me splendidly," morbid angel, god of emptiness. go listen to that song--that's what he thinks i sound like. watch the official video, the quality is so much better than others. i'll add the link when i get home to my computer.

doctor says its just a cold, and i just have to suffer through it.

work is piling up at the office, and i will be slammed from whenever i get back, through my road trip time in a couple of weeks. joy.

was going through old pics last week, and had this one waiting to post. shot at the pomona swapmeet a couple of years ago. just love the pointy fins and the twins.

i don't like coffee

can't stand the smell of it, so can only imagine the sludgy flavor of it as it burns down to one's gullet. but i think i can relate to the caffiene addiction, only i like mine with ice with that classic logo on the can or bottle. 

so if it were me, i'd kick that cup of joe to the curb, but i figured someone might still be interested in, so i left it where it sat. awesome.

got an email from the owner, who was jealous of his buddy getting his cadillac posted, i guess. just kidding. he wanted to see if i got a decent picture of his car.

early in the morning, so it's kinda dark, but i really liked the back end here.

baby blue

got an owner interested in seeing a picture of his car. i only shot a couple pictures of it. people got in the way here, in the staging area. 

later in the day, i passed it a couple of times, but the trunk always seemed to be up, and people were around it, so i didn't shoot it again. maybe some other time, some other place. 

it's not a bad shot, but i think it could have been better.

check another promised car off the list...

keeping to the other side

one of my favorite cars, since i started playing with the camera again several years ago. don't see it very often. aside from the fact that i haven't been going out to as many shows, he tells me that he's mostly keeping this one on the other side of the 605 freeway now.

just happen to know his club goes to this particular show, so was happy to run in to it there. jammed between his other club cars, but still worth a shot, or two. always trying to get a good shot of the freakin' ghost flames. i think the overcast sky helps a lot, cuts back the reflective glare. someday, i'll get a ladder. just one more thing to drag around, right?


been busy at work, and taking care of some medical stuff. i really don't like needles at all. really, really hate them. anyway, got to get stuck a couple more times in the next couple of weeks. so, i'm going to not think about that right now.


so how about a couple more shots of the car?

down in flames

1960 cadillac coupe de ville

so i'm running late already today. on my way to the viejitos show and lunch. you know what? decided not to go to work this weekend at all. i'll work late all week. i wanted my weekend too much. and my better half is also so persuasive. :)

i noticed at the legg lake show yesterday, that the tribe was there, even had their tent up. but i didn't see this one. and not even his lincoln. he's a busy guy i guess.

i stayed out among the cars, didn't go up on the grass and talk to anyone. they knew i was there, good enough. i was trying to hurry to go to work, remember?

anyway, this one from the whittier show in august was ready, so i'll just post it now and be done with it. the flames, the flames, the cursed flames. guess the early light was good enough to pop the ghost flames off the hood.