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1959 cadillac coupe de ville

1959 cadillac coupe de ville

feeling a little misty, sentimental, a little cadillac kinda mood. maybe it's just me being tired. was looking for something in my archives, while waiting for my hair to dry, and this car from two-thousand and thirteen caught my eye.

out in rialto, at the annual run whatcha brung show, shooting down low. my better half's old wide-angle lens, that i basically took over until i bought the one i used now. i almost think it's better than the new one...the fade off into blurred detail is a bit farther.

love the pointy back end and the bullet lights. looks so yum

i was nominated for some new award at work. they announced the winners today...i wasn't one of them. and you know what, i'm ok with it. really didn't think what i was nominated for compared to those who did win, and i was actually really mostly relieved that i didn't have to stand up in front of the crowd, and/or have to pose for pictures. hate that part.

they didn't get big hardware or a chunk of crystal, that i would have added to my collection of other glass sitting on an led base, all blinged out, but hey, i still got some brownie points just for the nomination. i'm saving up to get enough for another camera body someday.

sort of like getting the honorable mention on my picture at the fair.

mach 1

ok, this isn't one i usually shoot. sometimes i see stuff that i know some of my flickr buds like, and i'll shoot it and post one once in a while. i like to think they do the same for me...mostly hood ornaments. i know i'm imagining it, but that's what i like to think.

so i'm throwing this one up for my flickr bud, stuart. he posts a lot of muscle cars, but i don't think i've seen him post a funky green one like this. for that matter, i can't say i've ever seen any mustang painted this color. so, vomit. i like this green, but i don't think it's great for this car. i don't know why.


spent a few hours in rialto today. figured a lot of people would be at ink n iron, so i'd go inland.

saw a lot of cars i've seen before. lots i didn't give a second thought about. had one guy offer to pay me to take a picture of his car, because he says no one ever takes a picture of it. when he pointed it out, i told him he'd have to close the hood, before i'd do it. he said he liked the hood up. i think he was kidding anyway.

this car, i've seen a few times. and i shoot it every year. the owner, sitting there, still as a statue through my set of shots, remembered me, and my better half from a previous year. my better half had taken his video tripod on a wheels out to this show the first time he tried it out, and must have chatted with this owner. 

that, and also that i didn't see any other tripods being used.


made it out to rialto yesterday. really need to get there very early to not get hit by the heat that radiates from the big fireball in the sky. i know that, but i just didn't get out of bed early enough.

hadn't felt good the night before, after eating dinner at one of the local bbq places. so was pretty unsure about wanting to go that far to the show. but i've enjoyed it the last couple of years, so figured i'd be ok. i could always check-in at a hotel if need be.

i parked near the other end of the strip this year, the less crowded part. this was the first car i wanted to get a shot of. always go for the old chevy. beautiful.

turns out this car was one i saw in riverside last month. i have a couple shots of it there, with the hood up, and showing the john 3:16 message in there with the engine. i know this because the owner offered to let me see the engine, if i wanted to shoot that too, but no, i prefer the hood down look. if he really wants to see the other shots, he can let me know, and i'll post them here.

he can click here to buy a print of either of these.

briefly considered finding a movie theatre and hanging out for several hours to allow me to go to a couple of afternoon shows in colton and covina, but just didn't feel like it. as it was, there was a sig alert on the 10, so had to get down to the 60. was an easy drive, even with the idiots driving crazy out there.

got home, downloaded my pictures, rested a bit, and then went over the groupe car show in santa fe springs. close-by, and quick. probably missed more cars being there, but what was left was enough.

got a headache right now, but really wanting to go to santa ana to the viejitos/pistoles show. then maybe lunch at disneyland. if my mother-in-law is really feeling up to it. almost eleven and she's still sleeping...

very clean

chevy impala

as i've said before, i don't much care one way or another for the newer cars, the bouncers, the low riders. they've mostly lost the classic curves of the bombs and such that i love. but i can appreciate them. 

this one was pretty clean. interesting pinstripes and metallic applique. the trunk was closed when i got down to shoot the picture, but the owner said wait, and popped it up. i guess it adds to the shot, showing the scroll work back there.

now if i'd only shot it from the back...in the trunk was all the chromed out apparatus to make it go up and down. i'm guessing he doesn't take this to the supermarket.

flamed and a little grumpy

flaming hot rod

the lovely couple that own this hot rod have been waiting a month to see a new picture of their baby. they thought they'd been going crazy and missed it, but no. i just don't post everything, especially if i'm not satisfied with it. i suppose i have an old email from them somewhere, so i could have let them know. or i guess i could have written something here. but then i wonder if they're just looking for the picture and not reading it, they wouldn't know then either.

i had been having an internal arguement over a couple of shots of it from a show out in riverside, but there was something in each that was just not doing it for me.

then this weekend, a couple of local shows i'd heard about and planned to attend, just simply didn't happen. so having awakened at an ungodly hour for a saturday, took my better half along for the ride out to rialto, promising him that i don't drive out there anymore if it isn't worth it. i'd scoped out a few while my son went to ucr, so i knew this would be ok.

and i kinda guessed they'd be there too. i saw them drive in as we walked over the train tracks to the main strip. we didn't actually get there until after 8am, so the sun was already past the sunrise we were looking for, but not so high as to be irritating.

i took a few shots early, then wound back around and took these two before i left. i think either one looks better than the shot with gary's favorite outhouses.

my better half went to the car show with me, so afterwards, we went out to chino planes of fame for him. he had fun...hardly anyone there, and a nice breeze for a change.

thanks for telling about another show the next day, but i just couldn't do another whole day in riverside.

oh ya, and there's the little grumpy on the back of the other car. didn't notice him last year, when i was just all about the skulls.

oh, and buy a print here

flaming hot rod

like buttah

1956 chevrolet

i suppose the guy that owns this chevy gave up hope of ever seeing it here long ago. such a rich, creamery butter color, i think it may be just a tad too dark here because of processing, or just that my monitor is out of calibration again.

i think the owner was one of the few guys that bothered to chat with me, and he and his buddies took the time to flip through my book of prints, and ooo'ed and aaaah'ed all the while. it is always fun to see people's reactions to the pictures. mostly they are tickled by them, not believing they're pictures; there a few photography purists, who screw up their noses, and say it isn't their taste, which is fine. you like what you like.

anyway, was a nice car and a nice guy.

hell on wheels

1961 cadillac

i'm in the mood for a cadillac. ya, a big, elegant tank of a car. so many to choose from... 

take this one. don't think you'd miss seeing this baby driving down the street. it's a bit over the top. don't think i'd have the nerve to cover the classic lines in this loud paint job, but i'm sure the owner doesn't mind the attention. he's screaming for it.

i'm guessing it bounces too. been a while since this show, but i wanna say the owner was here with some of his other homies with similar rides, though the other flamed one is much more subdued, all black, with much tamer airbrushed flames, just here and there.


hoping the rain holds off until later in the week. i gotta kill several hours after work on wednesday, before heading over to LAX to pick up my better half. hoping to hang out at the broiler. hoping there will be more there than the last time i briefly stopped, and didn't bother to get out of my car a couple of weeks ago. i gave that night a pass, since it had rained earlier, and it was cold and windy. otherwise, guess i'll find me a movie theater and wait for his call.

it's dicey

1949 mercury

well, another weekend gone. gonna start whining about getting up early for work pretty soon. didn't get enough sleep, and i didn't even get to a car show. intended to, but didn't work out.

anyway, i'm flipping through the year's shots. i have a lot to choose from, which is good. i liked this old mercury, for no better reason than the color combination was different and interesting. and it was the first car i found, as i walked into town that day, just over the train tracks. it was the run what you brung show, in rialto. i'm not sure what that yellow car driving through on the right was, but i don't think i caught up with it later; maybe he just kept going.


1923 ford model t

this was a very nice hot rod ford at the run whatcha brung show in rialto. the owner was a very nice gentleman, that told me a bit about how he'd fixed it up. he seemed especially proud of the skull details he'd added. this one was made from a belt buckle; others were from lighters and other found items, and put onto valve stems, door locks, etc.

i liked the purple in the flames and the purple of the flowers...oh how i hate those little flowers. they fall on my car, and they make my high heels slip when i have to walk on them...but they do frame a car nicely from this angle.