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they know me

1970 chevy impala

1970 chevy impala

is it bad that when i walk uptown to get lunch or dinner, most any place i frequent, already knows what i will order? they already know to bring me a coke without asking first.

i sit at my favorite table, and let them bring me my food. is that more godfather or tony soprano? 

so here i am, at the mexican cafe, sitting in my window seat, watching for old cars to drive by. already saw an old, black, noisy chevy, and of course, the "mayor" and his fifty-six bel air are down the street.

i may not make it to a car show, but there is always one to be had uptown if you wait long enough. 

saw this impala out at legg lake a while back. not one of my favorite years, and i usually don't bother shooting them, but maybe it was the paint job or the way it was up in a yoga pose that i did this time.

at the house, the tree is down, but still a lot of xmas to be boxed and stuffed back in the garage. better half undid my computer while i was out of town, and it's not back together yet, so can't work on a picture right now. i wanted to book a hotel for an upcoming roadtrip too.

i guess i could reconnect everything, but the visiting grandbaby is trying to fall asleep, so i shouldn't make a racket. 

mach 1

ok, this isn't one i usually shoot. sometimes i see stuff that i know some of my flickr buds like, and i'll shoot it and post one once in a while. i like to think they do the same for me...mostly hood ornaments. i know i'm imagining it, but that's what i like to think.

so i'm throwing this one up for my flickr bud, stuart. he posts a lot of muscle cars, but i don't think i've seen him post a funky green one like this. for that matter, i can't say i've ever seen any mustang painted this color. so, vomit. i like this green, but i don't think it's great for this car. i don't know why.