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l-e-d, you and me

harley davidson heritage softail

haven't decided if these lights on bikes add or subtract from the overall look of the bike. this one is already blinged out with etched chrome and airbrushing.

i shot it earlier, just after we arrived. the owners moved out of the shot then. i like those shots, with the clouds in the sky, from a low angle.

i found it again, just before i packed up my gear, in the evening, sun setting, sky colors changing. mostly it was the sky i wanted. i guess the red glow is ok. 

i guess the owner was too tired by then to move his chair this time, as well as there being other bikes in the same space. also, there were more people crowded around to look at the bikes this late, making it more difficult to find a good angle to shoot my longer exposures, and not get them smearing through the shots.

oh, that shine

1959 chevrolet impala

always see people obsessively polishing their cars at shows. almost as soon as they park, they have a towel and bottle of liquid wax in hand. get the dust from the drive there off, i guess.

rub it and rub it, ahhhhwwww...

this car was already parked when i found it. middle of an aisle, gave up waiting for a space. didn't see the polishing. you'd think at a nighttime car show, there would be no reason, right? honestly, he probably didn't, and it is just several layers of clear coat, but damn, could almost imagine seeing other worlds in that paint.

i love these impalas, with their curves, and i was hopeful that the camera would be able to capture what i saw. i think this is pretty close. and i'm completely suprised that there weren't more cars and/or people moving as blurs through the exposure.


made it out to frisco's yesterday. worked from home friday afternoon, so didn't get stuck in hellish traffic, so i wasn't too tired. better half got home, and after about forty-five minutes, got him out the door, and we were there about five fifteen or so.

wanted to get there early as possible, since it had been shut down by eight the first time. some guy told me they hadn't pulled a permit, and made friends with the nearby shops. said it got out of control, people double parking, drinking, etc. somebody turned off the lights in the parking lot about eight, and the cops came around and made everyone leave.

figured i'd get my shots and be gone before that, before too many people got in the way, before the light faded. i used to go to bob's big boy, and be shooting in the dark, long exposures. fewer people walking through the shot.

well, that guy also told me that there was nothing else really going on for a friday night, so no worries, there would be plenty of cars to show up.

he was right.

got a lot of pictures in before the real crowds showed up. and even then it was fun. i could see how it could make the officials nervous. better half said cops and firemen were at the dj booth threatening them for all the code violations happening. it was dark by then, about eight. too many people, and lots of cars showing up and moving through the aisles, looking for parking.

lost sight of my better half. had to call him on the phone. music was loud, but fortunately, he's taken to wearing wireless headphones when he goes to shows with me. somehow they play from his phone, so when i call, he hears it in his headphones.

i'll just post this shot, not only because i love the cars that parked in front of it, but as a shout out to frisco's and thee unknowns car club. thanks for being host to the show. hoping they'll have more there. haven't heard that they shut it down, so one can only hope.

if only the thirty-nine had kept the wings folded down.

is there anybody up there?

am i the only one that loves to crunch tree bark under their feet? that satisfying brittle crackle when you find that perfectly curled and dried seed pod? didn't think i'd find that this late in the summer, but i took a walk this evening and found both my favorites, and i slowly stepped down on them, to enjoy that snap, crackle and pop. ok, i'm weird. whatever. been a long day.

going to get some sleep tonight, so won't blather on here for very long. 

first car i shot from last week's foursquare church show. sun comes up early now; i got there early, and it still got up there first. love the cloudiness surrounding the sun. i so much want to stick an alien spacecraft or pterydactyl or something bursting forth, but decided that wouldn't be appropriate blasting out near the church.

it did help to light up the inside of the car, catching the interior details. that's always nice.

mach 1

ok, this isn't one i usually shoot. sometimes i see stuff that i know some of my flickr buds like, and i'll shoot it and post one once in a while. i like to think they do the same for me...mostly hood ornaments. i know i'm imagining it, but that's what i like to think.

so i'm throwing this one up for my flickr bud, stuart. he posts a lot of muscle cars, but i don't think i've seen him post a funky green one like this. for that matter, i can't say i've ever seen any mustang painted this color. so, vomit. i like this green, but i don't think it's great for this car. i don't know why.

pink elephant

it's really, really bright outside. i've been stalling leaving the house. woke up at six. could have gone to a few cars shows by now. used to be easier, when i was often driving from oc to la, and they were on the way. now, i'm already here. harder to get out of bed. i guess it's just one more of the things you give up when you get married. nah, i could have gone. i'm just tired.

sitting here, wondering if they're still doing a viejitos show on the last sunday of the month. if they are, should be starting about now. i guess i'll head over and see. i can at least pick up some carnitas, show or not.


jingle bells. maybe i should have saved this one until next week, being all xmasy green and glitter baby.

guessing its a chevy. nicely chopped. eye catching. caught me anyway, sitting next to the rust bucket next to it.


i think i need something better to do on a vacation. my space, i can whine here. planning more time off through out next year, so this doesn't happen again.

evening light

spent the weekend in riverside. three day car show. this is from early friday evening, when there were still not so many cars out.

just liked the way the neon played on the car. and gotta love an impala. this one was pretty nice.

later in the dark, the crowd surrounded two cars that blew fire out their pipes. they stood awfully close to two cars that blew fire out their pipes. sometimes people are stupid. nothing happened, other than a lot of noise from the engines, but it would have been interesting if they all had hot dogs on sticks to cook, i think. but that's just me.


horse of a different color

another strange monday. why did i get out of bed? responsibility is a heavy thing. sister-in-law is having some health issue at the hospital right now, so the taking care of the mother-in-law situation is getting a bit more exciting here. wait and see, wait and see.

ok, this isn't my favorite, best picture, but i did like the neon green of the the car with the pop of red from the tree behind it. don't remember any other red leafed trees except that one...weird.

otherwise, there's the sign up against the car, the bunch of dudes i've never seen before just sittin' there shootin' the shit on the other side of the car, and the car has blems and scratches. normally i wouldn't bother to show it,  but i like it just the same. maybe it's the pinstripes. and it's just a weird day.


thinking about shutting down the print ordering website. up for renewal on the fifteenth. only a few have used it to order prints for themselves; most people just email me directly. paid for itself last year, but no one really uses it. oh well. i cut the prices...if yours is there, now's the time...


1953 pontiac

what a day i had. and can only expect the same tomorrow. and traffic. just loving the evening drive. not. 

and now its 10:30 at night...why the h am i still awake??? oh ya, cuz my better half is doing work for work in the other room. i suppose i'm tired enough i won't hear the fans running on the puter.

anyway, here's a nice pontiac from chicano park. never seen one like it, and it was just hard not to notice it.

1953 pontiac hood ornament