what's up?

horse of a different color

another strange monday. why did i get out of bed? responsibility is a heavy thing. sister-in-law is having some health issue at the hospital right now, so the taking care of the mother-in-law situation is getting a bit more exciting here. wait and see, wait and see.

ok, this isn't my favorite, best picture, but i did like the neon green of the the car with the pop of red from the tree behind it. don't remember any other red leafed trees except that one...weird.

otherwise, there's the sign up against the car, the bunch of dudes i've never seen before just sittin' there shootin' the shit on the other side of the car, and the car has blems and scratches. normally i wouldn't bother to show it,  but i like it just the same. maybe it's the pinstripes. and it's just a weird day.


thinking about shutting down the print ordering website. up for renewal on the fifteenth. only a few have used it to order prints for themselves; most people just email me directly. paid for itself last year, but no one really uses it. oh well. i cut the prices...if yours is there, now's the time...