what's up?


made it out to frisco's yesterday. worked from home friday afternoon, so didn't get stuck in hellish traffic, so i wasn't too tired. better half got home, and after about forty-five minutes, got him out the door, and we were there about five fifteen or so.

wanted to get there early as possible, since it had been shut down by eight the first time. some guy told me they hadn't pulled a permit, and made friends with the nearby shops. said it got out of control, people double parking, drinking, etc. somebody turned off the lights in the parking lot about eight, and the cops came around and made everyone leave.

figured i'd get my shots and be gone before that, before too many people got in the way, before the light faded. i used to go to bob's big boy, and be shooting in the dark, long exposures. fewer people walking through the shot.

well, that guy also told me that there was nothing else really going on for a friday night, so no worries, there would be plenty of cars to show up.

he was right.

got a lot of pictures in before the real crowds showed up. and even then it was fun. i could see how it could make the officials nervous. better half said cops and firemen were at the dj booth threatening them for all the code violations happening. it was dark by then, about eight. too many people, and lots of cars showing up and moving through the aisles, looking for parking.

lost sight of my better half. had to call him on the phone. music was loud, but fortunately, he's taken to wearing wireless headphones when he goes to shows with me. somehow they play from his phone, so when i call, he hears it in his headphones.

i'll just post this shot, not only because i love the cars that parked in front of it, but as a shout out to frisco's and thee unknowns car club. thanks for being host to the show. hoping they'll have more there. haven't heard that they shut it down, so one can only hope.

if only the thirty-nine had kept the wings folded down.

evening light

spent the weekend in riverside. three day car show. this is from early friday evening, when there were still not so many cars out.

just liked the way the neon played on the car. and gotta love an impala. this one was pretty nice.

later in the dark, the crowd surrounded two cars that blew fire out their pipes. they stood awfully close to two cars that blew fire out their pipes. sometimes people are stupid. nothing happened, other than a lot of noise from the engines, but it would have been interesting if they all had hot dogs on sticks to cook, i think. but that's just me.



1937 pontiac

didn't end up at the broiler tonight. pretty much if i don't go directly from work to a show in the evening, i'm most likely not going. started feeling ill anyway. i blame the slice of pizza i had when i got home.

so i dug up this shot from there i took last year. haven't seen this car since, but i don't go over there so much, for all i know, its there all the time. except for the few times i have wandered by. yep, that's the moon above it, or at least the cheshire cat smiling.


note to gary: no, your car wasn't one i entered in the fair this year—it was too late—i'm thinking maybe next year. and what fun is it if i tell you now which ones were accepted? kinda like letting a pregnant woman know if its a boy or a girl before it pops. i'll let you know after the fair starts, so you can save yourself a trip all the way out from the boonies. thanks for your interest, at least i know one person is actually reading my drivel.


hot rod

hot rod

i've gone to a few shows this past week. just about done doing the backup on my computer and have made some room, so i figured i'll start shooting again.

made it out to the broiler last wednesday. was relatively warm out, so hoped more cars would show up. actually, there were a lot of regular cars taking up space. good for business, bad for car shows. 

anyway, this car i'm pretty sure belongs to one of the guys that works in the broiler. i see it a lot, but usually parked over on the other side. i saw him back this puppy into one of my favorite spots to shoot, and the space next to it stayed empty for quite a while. figured i'd take a couple before someone would want to park and move me out of the way.

i walked up to it and saw this first picture, and knew i had to get that reflection in the window. the pictures are a little rough, and there's a bit of lens flarey stuff, but i still think they're interesting.

trouble was, i couldn't get the rest of the neon in the picture. so i couldn't decide which picture to post. so, i'm posting the other view, because i like it just as much. and why not, the owner is a nice guy.

night moves

1939 chevy

a quick post. changes at work have given me lots more work to do. add to that trying to get to my kid's baseball games, and i'm feeling stretched pretty thin just now.

had to stop off in long beach tonight on business. tried to find a new car show on the way back home, but yep, another no show. screw it. though i did see some old cars in the parking lot of a public park, but i didn't stop, since i was in a strange neighborhood as it was. parked momentarily in some strip mall to consult my phone for the best route home, and got stared at suspiciously by the asian shop keepers.

i'm tired, and need to get some sleep. hoping to get to a show this weekend, before i forget how to do this thing.

caddies & coffee


there always seems to be groups of cadillacs here at bob's. a couple of new ones have started coming around, though i'm pretty sure i've seen them somewhere before. lovely pointy fins and nice tail lights, even with their imperfections. and if one happens to park here, in one of my favorite parking spaces, i can't help but take a shot.


anyone going to the new weekly show over at the great park farmer's market in irvine on sunday? i've never even bothered to go there, but i think the show just started up last week. wondering what i might find there.

of course, after a week of perfect summer weather in january, there's a 20% chance of rain. well, it did get cloudy on wednesday...i'm starting to think my better half is causing the exceptions to the perfect weather – he went with me to the broiler on wednesday, and says he'll go with me on sunday. kinda sucks, because i hardly ever get him to a show anymore, and the weather keeps the cars away. 

i think a former co-worker has a stand in the market, so i guess i can at least say hi.